intel i5

  1. DuckyPants12

    Dell overclock

    I am turning a dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF that has an intel i5, into a server and I need to overclock it. I am using windows 10 right now and the dell bios doesn't have any options for overclocking. the cooling is amazing so I'm not worrying about that. I need an overclocking software or even a...
  2. M

    My 10th gen intel laptop won’t boot!

    Hi, I have an hp pavilion 14 inch with i5 intel optane with 512 fab sdd. Hardly use it as I have work laptop. It only has basics internet and Spotify, nothing else downloaded. Used it two days ago, just browsing online and that was it. Turned it off. Turn it back on next day. I get this! Boot...
  3. L

    i5 has lower processing speed than an i3

    Hi, How does the speed and performance of this i5 SSD with 1-1.9GHz compare to this i3 SSD with 2-2.9 GHz and this i3 SSD with 3-3.9 GHz? Also, I presume this the i5 is still faster and better than the others despite being lower in processing speed? Lastly, with such good prices, does anyone...
  4. S

    Solved Computer Crashes - Motherboard EZ debug DRAM

    History of crashes: I've been having a few crashing issues with my build the last several months. The last component I installed was my GPU in May-ish. I started having these crashes that were at first infrequent, but increased over time. Using the Windows "Reliability" I linked the issue with...
  5. D

    CPU is thermal throttling? (Windows 10)

    So I built my PC just over a year ago and have had absolutely no issues with it, until about a week ago. I noticed that my PC was running slower than usual, I was getting FPS loss while gaming, and everything else lagged too - opening/closing programs, switching tabs, etc. After downloading a...