1. Z

    Need outside the box thinking

    Hi. I was using an over locking program known as AMD Ryzen Master. I own a HP R3 Tower Desktop PC. AMD Ryzen 3 3200G. Serial #: 2MO0463VVB Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. Base clock frequency of 3.6 GHZ (maximum boost of 4.0 GHZ). My issue is, i increased the memory clock speed to what i found online...
  2. Varunbhandari

    Graphic Card details (Windows 10)

    I want to know what graphic cards I have in detail and how is it good or bad?
  3. Tiaaaaa

    My laptop says No bootable Device (Windows 10)

    My Acer Aspire 3 (A315-31-C7CF) says no Bootable devices. What do I do?
  4. Royib

    Is my Acer laptop good for programming and editing?

    I have an Acer laptop, intel celeron n3060 2 cores 1.6Ghz, 8GB RAM and intel HD graphics 4GB VRAM. Is it good for programming and editing?
  5. pranilkharche

    Guys Please Help My CPU THrottles down to 0.79 ghz

    Guys Please HElp My CPU THrottles down to 0.79 ghz I Tried Throttle Stop but NOT WORKS ONLY THING WORKS is when I first run into BIOS then i wait for fans to move and Click Save And Exit and Then It Runs Normally.But As i remove or attach AC to it, It behaves like again the same :/
  6. Georginat

    What is my system capable of?

    Hi. I currently have a desktop, which has: an Intel Core i3-9100f processor, nVidia GeForce GT 710, 8 GB of RAM. What could I do with that? Video Editing and casual gaming are my main concerns. Thank you for your time!
  7. L

    Linux with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U

    I see AMD ryzen 5 chips to be more value for money than intel i5 xxxxU series for same price range. But has anyone tried linux with Ryzen 5 ? Any significant issues seen? Recommended? Some reviews I have seen say Ubuntu 20.04 on Ryzen 5 went without issues, but from a long term perspective...
  8. jenhm

    Updated BIOS; now LAN adapter isn't recognized

    I have a custom-built desktop PC with a Gigabyte X79-UP4 motherboard running Windows 10 64 bit. Recently, I upgraded my BIOS from version F2 to F7. I downloaded the BIOS file and the @bios utility from the Gigabyte support website. F7 was the latest version fro my motherboard model. Afterwards...
  9. I

    Solved CPU Overheating after PSU replacement

    Hello, I recently replaced my PSU due to shutdown issues and my desktop ran fine in the store after the replacement. After i left the store and came home, I encountered a heating issue with my CPU Intel i5-6600k reaching about 87C. This was never normal for my computer even during full load, as...
  10. D

    Solved Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake + LPX 8GB DDR4

    I bought Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake Dual-Core 3.3GHz Desktop Processor + Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000MHz will it support? Please Help.
  11. M

    Solved Game doesn't rec. my dedicated graphics card

    HELP! Everytime I start Path of Exile thae device runs it with the low qual Intel GC and not with my GTX 1060 Nvidia. I've tried everything. Updating drivers, starting the game via Nvidia Experience (wich should have helped) even the grinding gear games (Publisher) tech support didn't help. I'm...
  12. W

    Help me decide which build to buy, please!

    Hello folks! So I basically am struggeling between to builds. One is brand new, self made trough CP part picker, which some dude adviced for me. And the other one is second hand. Here you have both links, one for PC-partpicker and the other website (its dutch, but the components are written...
  13. E

    Windows 10 install freezing

    So here's the story, I'm building a brand new pc for a friend. I've ordered all the parts off of Amazon and built it. After peeking around in the bios everything seems to be in working order. After I created a Windows 10 bootable usb install I plugged it in and restarted the pc. One little...
  14. S

    Solved Which processor?

    Okay so I don't really know much about processors and I bought a computer which has an AMD A9-9425 processor but I'm considering returning it and buying the computer that has an Intel® Core™ i3-8145U Processor. So therefore, just wondering, which one is better? I will be using this computer...
  15. C

    CPU Stopped Working

    So, about a month ago after a night of gaming, I knocked my pc off as usual and went to bed. In the morning, I went to turn on my pc but there were some issues. For one, the LED around the power on button was not lit up, and the fan on my graphics card was not spinning, and so I had no display...
  16. H

    suggest a pc build under $150 to $250 (for coding)

    suggest a pc build under $150 to $250 (for coding)
  17. M

    AMD 2700x vs Intel i9 9900K

    Which is better for gaming ? Which is better for Video Editing? Which CPU would you choose if you have a choice between the two? Which CPU is better for overall Multi use Computer system?
  18. D

    3 beep, pause, 3 beep!

    hey all, noob question here. I’m on my 6th build but first time using intel. I have a diypc full Rgb tower with built in color control. A gtx triple windforce 2070 8gb gpu, intel i8-9th gen coffee lake with o/c at 4.6hz, gigabyte z390 Rgb monk, and a thermal take Rgb processor cooler fan. Upon...
  19. T

    SSD Upgrade

    Hi there, I currently own a Early 2015 Retina Macbook pro (A1502) and I'm looking to upgrade the SSD as well as replace the battery as it's failing on me, my friend recommend i get the: Intel 660p Series M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB My main concern is I'm not 100% sure if it'll fit into an early 2015 or...
  20. Z

    Only some Core2 processors make MOBO report a RAM error.

    I have an old Intel DP43BF motherboard. On Intel's website, the minimum bios for all processors listed in this is the same (70). The motherboard was purchased with a Core2 Duo E2220, which booted and worked fine. I wanted to upgrade, so I purchased a Core2 Quad q9400. The motherboard reported a...