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    USB SATA cable, issues reading old internal HDD

    Hi, After finally connecting a cheap USB to SATA cable to my old internal HDD from my dead laptop. I am still having issues reading the disk on my new laptop. The HDD is powered by the cable (light stays on) and reads the drive (another light flashes) but A) The connections seems to come and go...
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    Solved Life span of internal hdd if used infrequently

    Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz Motherboard: Asus H81M-E Memory: Transcend 2GB DIMM DDR3 1333 MHz (Channel B) Undefined 2GB DIMM DDR3 1600 MHz (Channel A) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit Dear friends, I am planning to buy 2 hard disks: one 250 GB WD and one 320 GB Seagate. The...