1. OscarHartney

    Terrible Upload speed Ps4

    I have really bad upload speed on my ps4 when my wifi is connected via lan directly to the wifi. My download speed is good (around 25-35mbps) but the upload speed is horrendous (65kbps). How can I improve my wifi’s upload speed (already tried googles prim and sec dns)?
  2. djentGOD

    Asus router doesnot get internet access

    HELLO. tThanks for entering my thread. i need help!!! I have a asus RTN12 router with the latest firmware. when i bought, i tested it in my aunts house , and it worked perfectly(i resetted it afterwards). then after 1 month i came home and called the ISP to send people to configure my router...
  3. S

    Problem with ethernet.

    Let me get straight in. I restarted router for my own reasons blah blah blah. Then when i try to connect to internet. It doesn't work. Then i tried to connect to it via ethernet. It doesn't work again. Few days ago i tried ethernet it worked fine now it doesn't. I tried executing few cmd...
  4. H

    Own IP Address banned?

    Was trying to block unwanted networks to my router and have somehow blocked the entire router? No device in the house works and can't find a way to undo this in Router settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Timpac97

    Problem with N600 Wireless USB-adapter

    Hello there im really bad when it comes to this kind of stuff so sorry if im a little bad, but my adapter only connects with the modem not the internet, so its relly slow! it used to work perfect but not now... sometimes like once a month it connects to the modem and internet. It makes me really...
  6. M

    Not connectiing to wifi

    I have working wifi and my computer is connected to it but everytime I try to download something it says "please check your network/internet" ... All the browser - chrome,firefox,opera wont even connect to the internet and say the same thing as above The only browser working is the one that came...