internet access

  1. 8

    Solved PC and laptop can’t detect my internet but other devices can

    While I was using my pc today, my internet suddenly got disconnected. At first I thought my internet is out. But then I check my iPhone, ipad, and laptop to find out that only my laptop is out too. Both of them can’t detect my own internet but can detect others. Please help
  2. T

    Internet working but not when connected to laptops

    Hi and thank you in advance. Both laptops show my home internet and mobile/cell phone hotspot as having working internet - until I connect them. Then the message is 'connected, no internet'. Troubleshooter either says there's no problem, or can't find DNS server, or that there is no internet...
  3. LunarMorning

    Solved Can't access 1/2 Internet - "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"

    Hello, so I made an account here because I've been struggling with this problem for the past week or so and my usual strategy of bashing my head against the wall until the wall moves didn't work out. I am unable to access most sites on the internet, each time getting me either a...
  4. D

    No Internet access

    HP 255 G4 laptop w/Windows 10 suddenly cannot connect to internet. Checked firewalls: Bitware and Malwarebytes both OK. Bought a USB networking dongle and have the same problem. Connected two other computers to router with same cable and they both work fine. Wifi works on other devices but...
  5. cjvdg

    Block sites and apps from accessing the internet

    Hello! I'm trying to configure our internet here at our school. Since this is a school, watching movies during work hours is prohibited. Can I ask if how can I block some apps or website from accessing the router or the internet? Netflix or any movie streaming apps are an example. Our routers...
  6. W

    Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP Configuration in Windows

    Hi. I arrived at my friend's place with my pc so we could play some video games together. However, when I wanted to go online to play, it wouldn't allow me to join his internet. My friend has fibre net (not sure if that's what's it called in English) and my PC can't register to his net at all...
  7. vanillagoat

    Ethernet port not working

    Hi, The last day or so the ethernet port of my computer has been solid orange and flashing yellow, with no internet access but it says I am connected (via the little ethernet icon on the bottom right), using windows 10. I have done a TCP/IP reset using netsh and checked the cable isn't the...
  8. F

    Trouble with network cable

    Hello, I just moved into a new apartment and my desktop pc and router are in different rooms. My desktop spec: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Gigabyte H170M-D3H-CF MOBO Intel Core i5-6500 @3.2Ghz CPU 16 GB of RAM AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB GPU 600W Cooler Master 80-Gold PSU The problem is my (long) UTP...
  9. J

    Mac Air Connected to Wifi But No Internet Connection

    My MacBook Air is connected to Wifi, which is working. My other devices all connect to internet with the Wifi. But my MacBook is getting no internet connection. Whenever I try to access a website on Chrome I get the measage ERR_ACCESS_DENIED and on Safari I get Operation Not Permitted...
  10. G

    Can't connect to game servers

    Internet has no trouble connecting to anything through a browser really, but I cant seem to connect to game servers Tried networking resetting but didn't do anything.
  11. J

    PC saying no networks found

    My PC used to connect to internet easily. Now when I try to connect to my internet, it says that no wifi networks found(see picture). My PC works with Ethernet cable but I don’t want to always rely on it. Someone please help.
  12. michealfreeman

    Unable to connect - modem not detected

    My Windows Ultimate 32 bit I have had since 2010 is slow and freezes sometimes, but I'm having problems with the Internet. It doesn't automatically connect like it used to and the manual way didn't work either. Entering the ISP username and password didn't work. Restarting the computer didn't...
  13. Rollins908

    Wifi booster?

    I have a good wireless router, but my parent living across the street receive a very weak signal. Can anyone tell me about a good wifi booster that I can use, so my parents get a good signal? It has to be cheap enough because they’re on a fixed income and can’t afford much. I tried to get some...
  14. N

    Cannot connect my PC to home WiFi

    So, recently, after my house got 'nbn', or Australia's national broadband network, my computer started having issues connecting to the internet. All the time, I would just unplug my wireless USB network adaptor, wait a couple seconds, plug it back in, wait, and I'd be ok. However, yesterday, it...
  15. bling9999

    Intermittent Connectivity

    My internet started cutting out a week or two back. I assumed it was the modem overheating so I replaced it. I've since discovered even bypassing the router with a hard line didn't help. To be clear the disconnects are just intermittent whether hard lined or wireless and my phone runs on the...
  16. Extahsi

    Laptop is connected to WiFi but not working

    I've tried doing everything from cmd commands to resetting the PC. Still connects but browser doesn't work or anything else internet related
  17. xdev

    Can't connect to the internet

    Hey. Im using windows 10 and was connected to my router using ethernet cable, I was able to acces the internet but suddenly in the middle of using the pc, I can no longer access any website or internet in any form even though the indicator at the bottom right on the desktop says nothing is wrong...
  18. D

    Intermittent connection to internet

    Often when I awaken the computer from sleep I am unable to connect to internet and have to re-start to get it to work. Not all the time but enough to be annoying and I can't figure out why. Thanks in advance..........Dave Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version...
  19. AustinGolec

    F12 orange light

    On my hp laptop my f12 key is orange and it is showing no available connections when I start up my pc sometimes. Other times it runs normally but I have yet to find a permanent fix.
  20. R

    PC keeps disconnecting from the internet.

    So my pc keeps on disconnecting from the internet. It will be connected and then at random disconnect then reconnect a minute later or sometimes it disconnects and I have to restart the pc just for the internet to work again. I have a Netgear AC1200 Wifi USB adapter on my pc and I have a Netgear...