internet browsing

  1. HaroldIV

    Cannot access websites but internet is still up and works

    I use Windows 10 and quite often get an issue where I am unable to access any websites. I can still search and the search works but no websites will load, instead saying "This site can't be reached" "{website name} took too long to respond.". This is not specific to my network as I have tried...
  2. T

    Weird internet connection problem

    Long story short: some internet pages load real slow (from slow to unuable) and youtube videos won't load (but the page does) but twitch stream do work normally. Only on my PC in the network and on all browsers. I'v tried lost of things: reset router, reset network adapters, flush dns, used...
  3. F

    Unable to login to a specific website

    A few days ago, I tried logging in to my university's website to download the latest assignments from my professors. Funnily enough, the website can't load and simply displays "The connection has timed out" (I tried to load my university website using Mozilla Firefox). The same thing happened...
  4. D

    Can't connect to Internet Explorer

    I have Windows XP and when trying to connect to Explorer get a Runtime Error - application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact app support for info. Help!!
  5. C

    Possibly Hardware, I don't know

    So I built my computer over the summer and it worked completely fine, except for the fact that the internet connection would be messed up. My computer said it had a connection, but I was unable to load any webpages. No other device had problems with the internet. I reset the winsock, but that...
  6. J

    How to restore deleted browsing history in Google Chrome

    Hi I was hoping someone could really help me please? I am trying to retrieve deleted browsing history from the internet on Google Chrome. It was deleted on manage activity on web & app. I am just looking to retrieve one day which was June-10th, if I could get back only that day or search history...