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    Can’t load ie besides search

    I just recently did a reinstall windows XP, I would love to install a better browser but unfortunately Internet explorer won’t let me open any webpages. I’m connected to wireless Internet and am able to use the search bar to search for things via Bing but I cannot open any of the links, the...
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    Performing a TLS handshake to

    I use Firefox on a windows 7 pro 64 bit system since I'm too old to change right now. Now the problem. Until a few days ago I could go to Amazon and log-in with no problem. Then it all changed. It starts to connect and get to 'Performing a TLS handshake to' then...
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    Internet Explorer Won't Open

    Internet Explorer will not open. Once I click to open it, the mouse will showing "thinking" then nothing happens. I ran CMD Prompt sfc /scan and it found no problems. I have also ran msdt.exe /id IEBrowseWebDiagnostic and it gave me an error occured while troubleshooting. Error Code 0x80070057...
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    Chrome Will Not Open

    I've tried closing and reopening the program, uninstalling, reinstalling, I dont have malware, Internet Explorer works. Why is this happening? Sometimes it opens 10 minutes later. It feels like my computer is incompatible with chrome (which is impossible).
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    PDF file not displaying on IE 9/10/11

    Hi All, I have a embedded PDF display functionality for my project. It works perfectly fine on IE8. However IE 9 onwards it has stopped working. Can anyone suggest some resolution.
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    I E explorer

    I recently bought a laptop with windows 10. Currently have 4 browsers on my desktop. Google chrome Mozilla IE and Edge. My first question is what is the purpose of Edge? My second question is I have a lot of trouble signing into an online game when I use IE. Sometimes I can log in but most times...