internet explorer 11

  1. J

    ie running and stopping over and over

    hi i am having a problem where if a program on my computer wants to open ie to display a web page that page opens and closes over and over and over and the only way to stop it is by signing out of the pc or restart/shutdown. i cant open any other programs or use task manger because ie opening...
  2. TechinTraining

    Internet Explorer won't Open

    When I open Quickbooks Pro, it says I need to upgrade to Internet Explorer version 11. I have already downloaded it, but I am unable to open Internet Explorer. Every time I try, the window appears for just a second and then closes. Steps I have already taken: -Event Viewer does not log any...
  3. Microgeophagus

    Java-based program stalls over wifi

    Dear all My wife is using a secure program called epen ( that requires specifically: Internet Explorer 11 and Java. Everything is fine using an ethernet cable. However, over the wifi connection, the program crashes, locks, freezes or at best is un-usably slow, and there is...