internet issue

  1. Z

    Internet woks perfectly fine except for certain games

    Hey guys, this is a long shot but here goes. For a long time now i have had a few issues with my internet when it comes to just a few specific applications. My Discord chat app only works 50% of the time, the rest of the time, I, aswell as everyone else in the server, sound like robots and it...
  2. S

    Wireless Service Not Running

    I have a older laptop, HP Pavillion G7 series, came with Windows 7 and I just upgraded to Windows 10. Never had a problem with Internet but now I do!! It's telling me I'm missing protocols and a bind in the registry is not correct. I'm a computer science student and I played around with it but...
  3. darsh

    In Progress Popping ads in the browser while surfing on the internet.

    Hello Everyone, I am facing the issue of popping ads, while I am surfing the internet or visited some website. The ads come in bulk, and in top of every ad "adscrawler" is written. I have window 7 in my laptop and have already installed the "Adsblock" extension in the browser, but still the ads...