internet issues

  1. Antoni1057

    ( Ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration”

    Hello, so my computer has some problems with the Ethernet and it’s not letting me connect to the internet I tried everything can someone please help me with the problem
  2. S

    Ping changes from low to high and continues to change

    So basically I've been having this issue for a year or 2 now and my computer is unusable for streaming, gaming, school etc. I ran a ping test and these are the results. My ping will rise really high and drop really low. Things I have tried already are changing internet providers, changing wifi...
  3. E

    No Internet Connection even with Ethernet, not router issue

    I am running a custom rig, MOBO: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0, GPU: R9 290, CPU AMD fx-8350, W10 64bit Recently I had a battle with malware/trojan virus that I eventually won, I was able to get back to full usage and was gaming and everything was good. Woke up the next day and couldn't get online. I...
  4. JoeByrneham

    Temperamental internet...

    Hi all. i'm using an Ethernet connection to a bt powerline adapter. at times my internet runs perfect, getting about 20 ping in overwatch whilst using skype, however at other times it will struggle to load a youtube video at 144p. This is frustrating to say the least. I have tried resetting the...
  5. J

    Ethernet cable when im not working off of one.....

    I recently got my computer "fixed" but when i try to plug it in to connect to the internet there is an error code that reads "Plug an ethernet cable into this computer" It currently detects: Atheros AR8131 PCO-E gigabit ethernet controller I dont run off of an ethernet cable, i have...
  6. K

    Charter internet constantly dropping

    So at my household, the internet connection fluctuates in how frequently it drops. Yesterday, we could not keep it going for more than 5 minutes without having to restart the router.\ (soon after restarting the router, the same issue happens again) / Basically, what happens is the internet on...
  7. E

    Uninstalled McaFee and lost internet connexion

    My friend had McaFee Av on her computer and I tried to help her out by uninstalling it and placing Avast... Screwed up majorly... Uninstalled Avast with the Avast remover, used the MCPR and jv16 to remove any remnant, worked for a bit and then installed AVG, same problem. Uninstalled it using...
  8. I

    can't open facebook website

    i was connect on facebook but somehow the page won't load anymore ..and than facebook won't open on any browser ... (all other sites are fine exapt facebook)
  9. D

    Cannot Connect to the Network

    I had rebooted my computer and now I can't even connect back to the Internet. I had clicked on "connect to a network" and it didn't show me any networks.
  10. C

    My laptop won't connect to internet even though I have wifi

    My dell laptop won't connect to any site or app needing internet (internet explorer, netflix, the app store...) but I'm connected to wifi and the wifi works on all my other devices. Please help!
  11. S

    Internet Switching On and Off Sporadically

    When this is happening, the modem lights for Ethernet and internet are blinking rapidly, not sure if it is the modem or router. I am connected directly to the router.
  12. H

    Internet Connection Problems

    To start off, let me say that I'm a complete and utter noob to technical things. Sure I know how to install programs, use Windows Explorer, and use the control panel; but I'm entirely lost on most other things. It doesn't help that I grew up with a Mac. Also I'm a high school student, so I don't...