1. AustinGolec

    F12 orange light

    On my hp laptop my f12 key is orange and it is showing no available connections when I start up my pc sometimes. Other times it runs normally but I have yet to find a permanent fix.
  2. R

    PC keeps disconnecting from the internet.

    So my pc keeps on disconnecting from the internet. It will be connected and then at random disconnect then reconnect a minute later or sometimes it disconnects and I have to restart the pc just for the internet to work again. I have a Netgear AC1200 Wifi USB adapter on my pc and I have a Netgear...
  3. markleung

    Internet disconnects randomly. Recovers on restart

    Windows PC running Windows 10. I recently gave up trying to undo blocking Windows Updates and this began happening. Every 10-20 hours, my Chrome and Firefox browsers would refuse to connect. Google searches work. Games on Nox Emulators that require the Internet also work. Reddit works for a...
  4. ervinkkk

    WiFi issues : PC vs Phone

    Im from Malaysia the land with the worst internet service there is. Nonetheless I’ve went out of my way to pick up a dual band WiFi adapter ( TP-LINK ARCHER T2U ) for my PC recently. Before this I was on another adapter that doesn’t support 5G so I was running on 2.4hz all the while. I’m...
  5. T

    Internet trouble

    Hello, I have Mozilla Firefox version 75.0, and just recently when I am on a website my screen and mouse cursor starts freezing up for several minutes. I would like to know what is causing this and what I can do to fix it? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version...
  6. IllRVF

    Netflix Problem

    I cant open netflix on my laptop and on all my devices, but I can open any other website no problem! please help me, how do I fix this? It only shows " took too long to respond."
  7. X

    USB Network Adapter keeps disconnecting after returning fro

    For the past week I have noticed that every time I turn on my laptop from sleep mode, my USB Ethernet network adapter keeps disconnecting and reconnecting itself until I unplug and re-plug the adapter. (Link to video: This is starting to get really annoying as i...
  8. K

    How to fix a solid red on your wifi

    Hello so there was a recent outbreak of COVID19 and i couldnt get any technician to fix my router I was wondering if anyone could help me fix my wifi the internet turned solid red and i couldnt fix it i tried to reset it and do other things as well but theres just nothing i could do about it any...
  9. H

    Can’t connect to this network

    I’ve been able to connect my pc to same wifi network about 1 year now, however one day suddenly it just won’t connect. All my devices are able to connect to the same network and from same the location of where my pc is. I’ve reinstalled my network adapter and still doesn’t work. My tech friend...
  10. K

    ipv4 not working on macbook

    every ipv6 site is working perfectly, however ipv4 isn't working at all. i've tried so many things i've seen on the internet, like manually entering ip and dns and stuff (i dont know much about computers haha) but none of the advice works. i really need my computer to work asap, can anyone help?
  11. D


    So I logged onto my ACER NITRO 5 and realized that my laptop has no wifi, infact it says WiFi is turned off. I did some looking around and tried control panel to see if my laptop was turning the adapter off but it wasn’t. I tried several different cmd line commands and none of them have worked...
  12. H

    Upload Speed is too slow

    Hi, I have a symmetrical 1GB connection (download and upload) and my download seems to be working fine on the wifi + ethernet. Although on wifi the upload seems to be much faster than the ethernet for my device. I've tested with Ethernet connection on another device and both the upload speed...
  13. D

    Suggestions for Network Adapter

    Hello, Recently I have set up a desktop computer which will obviously need an internet connection. As of now my phone is tethered to the pc, and I am using my data to browse, which is suboptimal as the connection is mediocre and it is costly. For context, the pc is located in a small studio...
  14. J

    Having trouble with my ethernet internet and in general

    So i just recently moved and the same issue which i was sure it was just my desktop is still occurring, my laptop picks up my internet just fine and my desktop picks it up well sometimes and other times its really slow for some reason? When i try to hook up my ethernet cable to my desktop it...
  15. F

    How do i connect to my Wi-fi

    So I've just gotten a new PC and I have no idea how to connect to the internet. I have a feeling it may be some sort of wire or cable as all o have is the main wire and an HDMI. When I click on the internet icon at the bottom, my internet network doesn't show up.
  16. Funzoman4231

    Having strange internet issues

    Hello, Ill keep this brief, here are my issues: Wifi calling for my android phone (moto e5 play) is not working, I cannot recieve or send calls (it goes straight to voicemail but no voicemail is left for either the recipient or the sender), however my dads phone works fine (Iphone 6) Many games...
  17. S

    Internet issues with wifi dongle

    I have a wifi dongle that i have been using for a while. Around 2 years now. I have never had issues until around a week or so ago. The wifi kept going in and out of connection but all i had to do to fix it was to just disconnect and reconnect the wifi. I moved my pc to another side of my room...
  18. Z

    Bizarre Internet Problem

    I've been having a weird issue with my internet and have tried everything I could come across to fix it, but nothing has, so thought I'd ask somewhere, see if anyone else can figure it out. Multiple times a day with no definable frequency (Sometimes it won't happen for hours, other times it'll...
  19. E

    Intermittent Internet Connection

    I have a Windows 10 PC running on a wired connection using powerline adapters, one connected to my PC and the other to our modem. The connection drops at seemingly random times and will stay that way until I wait long enough or manually reset the connection by unplugging/replugging one of the...
  20. T

    Internet issue

    Hello, I have noticed that when I log on to a website, I have noticed that it says waiting for a TLS handshake before it could connect me to that specific site. I want to know how I should go around it, or what else I should do about it. Your help would be appreciated. Thank...