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    Home pc not connecting to work today but did last week

    Due to corona virus my wife started working from our home office last week. She used our personal PC to connect to her work through Citrix with a few hiccups but eventually no problem. Our PC connects to internet via wifi due to distance from router. This week she was unable to connect. Her IT...
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    How to build & host an intranet website

    hi guys.. i'm not sure where to post this.. I want to develop a intranet webpage to be able to train my new people and create a resource for my employees I have a Windows server 2012.. and when i type in "intranet" the things that come up are IIS and Sharepoint.. i have Sharepoint online.. but...
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    Configuring Intranet and Internet on one PC

    I have PC with one NICs connected to Internet and Intranet. I have given two Ips and gateways by advanced setting in IPv4 Intranet settings are Internet settings are I am not able to use both at a time.