1. rfharris

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello all members here at forum. How are you all doing? I have just joined this forum and posting here for the first time. Looking forward seeing lots of great stuff here :)
  2. OverTallman

    An intro from a young PC geek

    Hello folks, another young crazy nerd coming to save the world! The name's OverTallman, or you can call me Jacky if you prefer that way. If you have been in NotebookReview lately you may recognize me, easily recognized with anime girl avatar and having a small arsenal of old laptops as the...
  3. nellis

    Hello from Japan!

    I just signed up and am hoping I can glean some valuable information from this community. I have always loved techie stuff and I like tinkering with broken things. I'd probably like tinkering with things that aren't broken too, but I'm too afraid I'll ruin them! :D I am originally from The US...