1. crcook84

    Brickseek...what is it?

    There’s this website called brickseek that seems to have insider information about retail chains. I work for Walmart and we had some customers come in wanting to buy a specific product. The manufacturer discontinued the product. So, the few that were left were getting handed out sparingly. We...
  2. N

    Automated Email for Expired Inventory in Excel

    Hello, I am currently attempting to setup an inventory file in excel to send myself and another colleague anytime an item in that inventory is to expire. I have found a command set from an old comment thread that I have been using as a template but I am not well versed in basic and cannot find...
  3. A

    Lab Inventory Data – Chief Foreman

    I wish to know about developing an application on Lab Inventory. Shall I be using Visual Studio or any else development tools. And how to implement this thing.