i/o error

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    HDD has i/o error

    Hello! I have a couple of old hdd's and they all read in disk management but non will allow access due to the i/o error. I'm simply wondering if there is a cmd to bypass and hard format the drive in question so I can install a new OS on the drive. It's just out of an old laptop but I really want...
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    Help, headset and I/O jack problems

    I have a pair of Astro A40's with no mixamp so theres a cord that runs from the headsetto a splitter for the mic jack(pink) and line-out jack(green) and when i plug them into the corresponding ports in the backo of my computer, it won't even recognize that they are there, so i tried plugging...
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    I/O Device Error on new WD 2TB Hard Drive

    I keep getting " I/O Device Error" I have just built a new gaming set up. Everything works fine other than the slave drive. I have an SSD as the master to boot off of and a 2tb hdd. It detects the HDD in bios but not once I boot windows 7. It says it's offline and not initialized but when I try...
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    diskpart I/O Error - Windows 10

    I want to use diskpart clean all and then reinstall Windows 10. However, diskpart > list disk > select disk 1 > clean all, returns an error, "DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. See the System Event Log for more information." I...