1. Chandre

    File type is wrong Google is no help this time

    Oky so first of my knowledge of programming ends at the hello world box. So I know what is on this file its a song, now the problem is I can't open it on eny thing besides one app on my friends phone it is a .mcl file nothing opens it i tried to convert it i have tried to rename it i evan tried...
  2. K

    Solved Deleting apps such as OneDrive and Google Drive from iPhone

    Hi. I have Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Drive, OneNote and OneDrive downloaded on my iPhone. Can I safely delete these apps from my phone or will the files on them get deleted as well? Should I sig out or can I directly delete them from my iPhone? Thanks in advance.
  3. E

    Mac OS and Windows

    I don't know if y'all can help me with my problem/ its more of needing advice. I use Mac products, iPhone, laptop, and iMac.When i went through school i had no problem with apple and using it for school but i am going back to school in may to start Nursing & was just informed that some of the...
  4. S

    iphone 7 keeps restarting

    hi, my iPhone 7 keeps restarting itself every few minutes. i believe this is because i need to update to 13.4 as i tried every other possibility. the time between restarts is not long enough to perform the update. please help
  5. A

    MacBook Pro not fully booting

    Hello. So I encountered this issue since the last time I restarted my Macbook (which I do not do often). It brings up the white/grey loading screen with the Apple icon but after loading 40-70% of the way through, it just shuts off. I also do not think my computer is making the same sounds it...
  6. rumi

    Download on ipad becomes greyed out file in Files

    Hi thanks in advance. Many times I try to download or save something on ipad and it ends up saving it to “Files” in ios. But when I try to open it, it just comes up grey with the name of the file and “Data” underneath the name. I can’t do anything with the file. What is happening ??
  7. A

    Any book or website explaining macOS/iOS for technicians?

    Hi, I'm a learning technician and I'd like to know of some book or website explaining certain aspects of macOS and iOS not found in the best known books (such as macOS Support Essentials, which I already have). For example: I'm learning how the Photos App organises the photos internally in...
  8. D

    Installing APKs on MacBook

    Hey guys, I changed from Windows/Android to MacOS/iOS and face some difficulties. I always used Programs like BlueStacks, Nox Player etc. to play Android games on an android emulator on my Windows PC. Now I tried to install some APKs on Nox and BlueStacks but I always face the same Problem: The...
  9. K

    Apple ios 11.1.1

    What is happening at Apple? 6 releases in 6 weeks. Forbes still recommends that we DON'T update our ios. One severe issue is battery life is drastically reduced. Is there panic at Apple?
  10. N

    Port forwarding for remotr?

    I have an iOS app installed called remotr. It lets me stream my pc games from my computer to my iPad. On the same network, it works great, but when I leave and try to do it over the internet, it fails. I did the port forwarding for TCP port 8193 on my router (Bell Home Hub 2000) like it asked me...
  11. N

    Command Line imports nltk, but Python/Idle won't :( (mac)

    Whenever I use the command, import nltk (Natural Language Toolkit) from the shell, it works and imports nltk as expected. When I try to do so from Python however, I get the following error message: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<pyshell#1>", line 1, in <module> import nltk...
  12. Kenshow

    How to spoof a MAC address on my iPhone?

    This could fit in the Apple IOS category but I’ve decided to put it in here. How can I spoof/change my MAC address on my iPhone 6s? I would really like to know. I have done my research and could not find any answers (researched for over an hour!). So I’ve decided to come here as a last resort...
  13. G

    Can't Access device with broken screen

    I accidentally broke my Samsung Galaxy A3 display and ended up with a black cracked screen. The phone is responsive as when i press the physical buttons, the non-physical buttons light up, and I also still hear notifications ring. I need to access the phone for data retrieval to be able to move...
  14. edam4

    Automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

    Hey All, Can't seem to use the "Automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch" feature. I have looked in System Prefs on my iMac and the option isn't even listed where Apple say it should be? I have Two Step Authentication enabled but have read in other forums that I actually should have...
  15. S

    Any other info app for iOS for automation, like in Android

    Any other info app for iOS for Appium automation, like in Android (App Info)
  16. N

    Dual boot android

    Please i need help. Please someone help me i need help to dual boot either androd 5.0 or above on my ipad