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  1. C

    New ip logger

    so i clicked a link on a chat with a guy i was fighting with on the internet. the link was ip logger, and well he threatened me to make an snapchat and text him there or he'll hack my computer and steal my information and publish it. he said if i do that and talk to him, he'll stop the hacking...
  2. T

    Xbox 360 network settings zeroed

    The only internet I currently have is through my mobile phone. I use its hotspot to connect my Xbox 360 to the internet for updates and DLC's. Out of the blue, it stopped working. I then discovered all the network settings on my Xbox (IP address, DNS servers) had been set to zero. I know the...
  3. J

    Can't connect to website (reddit.com)

    Hello! More of an unusual issue. I tried to access reddit.com on 3 devices on the same day, but the website didn't work. The issue is still occurring on the 3 devices, but not on any other device. On my PC, I flushed the DNS cache, changed my DNS to Google's ( and, and basically...
  4. T

    Tips For Out-Maneuvering the Shifty - DIY Security System

    Hoping this is the right place, and I’m going to try to condense this... Basically, we had some wifi cams that kept going out (not recording) for long stretches of time. I’d see someone fumbling with something small in their hand and then no more recording (couldn’t find it on the SD card backup...
  5. S

    IP address issue

    Hi, Within AWS, I have a web server running on linux, which is configured correctly and points to the correct domain. However, I have cloned this server so I can have a 'Test' environment of the website, it has its own IP address. When I type this NEW IP address in to the browser, it...
  6. C

    New Hacked or What?

    I clicked a link while on the 7cupsoftea website (I know, dumb, but I wanted to genuinely help people) that ended up being a blank imgur attachment or site. I clicked another link that they sent me that ended up being the same. Then they revealed to me they knew my location (a state) and what...
  7. E

    Using laptop as a mobile hotspot

    I recently moved to a student dorm which has internet only accessible through Ethernet cables. To avoid buying a router, I decided to use my laptop as a mobile hotspot for my cellphone and tablet. At first, it didn't work. I tried restarting both the laptop and the other devices, unplugging and...
  8. L

    can IP address be blocked from wifi router?

    what does it mean to block an IP address from a router? is it possible to block someone's IP address from your wifi router to prevent them from emailing you or contacting you through the internet? as an example: hypothetically, say you have a roommate who majors in IT and is very jealous of...
  9. J

    WiFi connectivity

    Hey, I’ve recently bought a new PC, I was connected to my WiFi perfectly until i started messing around with my IP settings(I know I shouldn’t have). I’ve reset my winsock, IP address and factory reset my PC. It now lets me connect to the network but not to the internet. Any suggestions...
  10. S

    Change IP address with a software (not VPN)?

    So all I want is to change my IP address with a software or a CMD command (or something like that). Permanently, like when I turn off then turn on my router, and not like VPNs where I have limited connection.
  11. G

    An Invalid IP Address?

    This issue has been resolved. I figured out that the IP was an IPv6. My apologies!
  12. H

    Connecting Mac to PC via Ethernet

    I'm trying to connect my Macbook Pro to PC Windows 10. I have an ethernet cable running between them and have configured them as follows: MAC: Configure IPv4: Manually IP Address: Subnet Mask: Router: DNS Server:, PC Windows 10: Use the following IP...
  13. D

    Changing your external IP address of your WiFi router

    How do I change my external IP address in my router settings so if im being ddosed I can go into my WiFi settings and change it and then restart my router and I will be on a different IP address so that the DDoS does not effect me anymore? Help will really be appreciated! Thx guys
  14. AlwaysBrian

    Solved DOCSIS DSG Filters over Tunnels?

    Hello and thanks for reading. During a 7 month long period from 2017/2018 I found an odd page on the Diagnostics menu from my Cox Communications set top box (STB). On a page set aside for 'DSG' filters, each with an assigned "Tunnel ID, application ID, MAC, Ports, Destination IP and Source...
  15. N

    Solved Adding router, no ip addresses - urgent please help

    Hey Everyone, My company recently needed me to expand our network with an access point. I was using a DLINK 655 router to set up as the new access point. When I thought everything was set up, I started realizing that the network was no longer issuing IP address's. There's more than one router...
  16. N

    Changing IP address

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to track down the owner of an IP address on my companies network. Tech support from a company we use software from said I need to unistall a program from this device that may be interfering with the fax services. Using tracert, the IP was showing as an android...
  17. P

    IP tracked what else could they have?

    On my Iphone 6 I clicked a link by accident. The person (99% sure was a teen) boasted later my alt account on a game that he tracked my IP address (and knew general area/town), that I had IOS 11, too (11.2.2), and my ISP. I assume all of this is generally known information. What else could they...
  18. Bremhillbob

    Configure a home router

    Hi all, I've just got long range wireless internet. The antenna has a single ethernet cable for me to use. Normally the provider has DHCP switched on withing the antenna, and this is how it came. When I plugged in my NetgearD6300 the router automatically changed my network numbering from...
  19. K

    Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration.

    So I have been having this problem for a while now. I'm going to give you guys a step-by-step process that I did in order to be as understandable as possible. Earlier today I was doing some school work on my computer. As I was working I was disconnected from the Internet. My computer usually...
  20. daling

    Is my external IP my router or modem's address?

    Assuming they are two separate units and not bridged. When you ping, tracert or DDoS attack or what-have-you my IP address, who/what do you reach ? Im understanding that a modem is just a media converter. It's got no IP address of its own. But then Wikipedia states (under "cable modem")...