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    How to Connect My CloudFlare Domain with Hosting

    DON'T REPLY BASED ON HEADLINE, PLEASE READ FULL INFORMATION BELOW - I've purchased a domain for start my newly blog so I registered my domain on CloudFlare. But after purchasing hosting I checked on CloudFlare that THEY DON'T ALLOW CUSTOM NAME SERVER UPDATION. menas I can't update my nameserver...
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    Mystery WFADevice Showing Up as IP Camera

    Background: I recently got a "RoadTrip" branded IP camera which, after looking up the MAC address list in my router, found out that it is actually a webcam made by SHENZHEN BILIAN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. The only way to view this camera is, apparently, on one app on a smartphone, which I have...
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    An Invalid IP Address?

    This issue has been resolved. I figured out that the IP was an IPv6. My apologies!
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    Pc connected to internet but not office network.

    So we got 3 new computers to replace our older ones. We set them all up and we’re able to connect to the network and see each others computer. A couple of minutes later, one of the computers lost connection to the printer, so they reinstalled the driver but then lost connection to the network...
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    cgnm-2250 router and Android mobile on different ip

    It says be detailed so hopefully this isnt too much! I had all my devices connected to my home router until i tried to change some settings and got locked out. Now my phone can't reconnect with my network. I can see the network in wifi list but when i click it asks for a password. . I don't know...
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    a situation involving IP addresses, requires expert advice.

    Hi, Well I have a situation which requires advanced knowledge above my understanding. I am a website developer, well an amateur website developer who helped a friend out in need. My friend wanted to open up a website for his business. He shopped around asking quotes but he was quoted extremely...
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    DHCP setup on new network

    I have had a task dumped on me and am a little out of my depth. We have a new EFM service, which is connected to a RAD Network termination Unit; in turn this is connected to a Cisco 887VAM router, which in turn is connected to a TP-Link TL-SG1024 switch. I can connect any computer to the switch...