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  1. J

    I need to change my ip without a vpn

    I recently got banned from this website for using a loophole and getting stuff I didn't earn and I really want to get back on this website. I know they ban by ip because I could get back on that account in other places but not at home and I couldn't make any more accounts. Last night I unplugged...
  2. P

    Solved Poor/No internet from access point, need help

    Allright, so the thing is. I live in "big" house, so i need some access points to network it all over. My main modem is in livingroom downstairs , its ASUS AC-68U. The second router is upstairs, set as access point(ASUS AC66 and third router is set as access point too its Belkin and it's...
  3. S

    Cannot log into wifi because of same IP address in network?

    I am having problems logging into my wifi in apartment complex as Windows said same IP adress is already in network...to check Windows System event log... Can anyone tell me has my IP address been hacked or copied ?;How do i fix this and be able to log into the apartment wifi? Tech Support...
  4. S

    Asus Router: wrong static or dynamic IP adress

    So this morning my router stopped working and I've been trying for hours o fix it. Even if I put the internet cable directly into the PC I can't connect(when I troubleshoot with windows it says that the local area connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration). What should I do? I don't...
  5. S

    Making a static ip

    I have tried to make a staic ip for my computer by following guides on the internet but none of them work because the steps they follow are different from mine so at the end of course it dose not work . Look ,here are the steps i followed: 1)open cmd type ipconfig 2)control panel, network and...
  6. bjorn2390

    IP cam: Software OK, but IP in browser don't show camera

    Goal: To watch the camera remotely via Internet. (You maybe think this problem is sufficient covered in various forums, but really, I can't seem to get it right.) Camera is MySmartCamera, an IP and WiFi camera. This camera comes in various versions, but to see which I have: This is the one...