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  1. I

    Mystery WFADevice Showing Up as IP Camera

    Background: I recently got a "RoadTrip" branded IP camera which, after looking up the MAC address list in my router, found out that it is actually a webcam made by SHENZHEN BILIAN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. The only way to view this camera is, apparently, on one app on a smartphone, which I have...
  2. I

    How to Make IP Cam Available on Web Page

    I have added to my network an IP camera (Foscam FI1898W), and I would like to make what it sees available to on a page on one of my websites, or enable visitors to that webpage to connect to the IP camera. My network uses a Verizon ActionTec MI424WR router, but the wireless on that router is...
  3. bjorn2390

    IP cam: Software OK, but IP in browser don't show camera

    Goal: To watch the camera remotely via Internet. (You maybe think this problem is sufficient covered in various forums, but really, I can't seem to get it right.) Camera is MySmartCamera, an IP and WiFi camera. This camera comes in various versions, but to see which I have: This is the one...