ip config

  1. S

    How to Connect My CloudFlare Domain with Hosting

    DON'T REPLY BASED ON HEADLINE, PLEASE READ FULL INFORMATION BELOW - I've purchased a domain for start my newly blog so I registered my domain on CloudFlare. But after purchasing hosting I checked on CloudFlare that THEY DON'T ALLOW CUSTOM NAME SERVER UPDATION. menas I can't update my nameserver...
  2. R

    Local Area Connection does not have valid IP Configuration

    So I fired up my old desktop today. It runs on Windows 7. I plugged in an Ethernet cable to the computer but I couldn't connect to the internet. Troubleshooting states that "Local Area Connection does not have valid IP Configuration". I have tried restarting my computer, turning the router on...
  3. B

    LAN issues - IP config release not working, resolving host

    I can connect to websites on Chrome after a long wait, with a bottom left text box saying "resolving host" or connecting during the wait. My desktop only has a ethernet port connected to the motherboard, and my another network connection that shows up in Network and Sharing center is LogMeIn...
  4. M

    Network 'doesn't have valid IP configuration'

    Hi, Ever since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been unable to get on to the internet. The computer is connected to the network but it won't allow internet access when all other devices in the house connect just fine. When I run Windows Network Diagnosis it detects the issue 'doesn't have...
  5. lovexcat

    In Progress HELPIP Config, Mozilla crash issues, invalid signature, etc

    I have been going insane for the past couple days. I have done a lot of different procedures and some will work for awhile but then if I run malwarebytes and other programs, the virus goes away but then my browsers will stop working. I use Mozilla. I keep getting a crash report and it won't let...
  6. J

    Subnet Mask Assignment

    I'm going to add another IP Camera. The manufacturer's search tool shows the new (and exisiting) camera but indicates that my PC is not on the same subnet mask. After a quick "CMD--> ipconfig" search, I see that my wireless PC is on subnet mask while all other devices are on...