ip configuration

  1. F

    Internet Sharing Problem

    Hello! So, i have recently bought a new desktop (windows 10), and to make it accessible to the internet, i tried to share my old laptop's (windows 8) wifi connection, via an ethernet cable connected with my desktop (my router is actually far from where i have installed my desktop). In the...
  2. R

    Local Area Connection does not have valid IP Configuration

    So I fired up my old desktop today. It runs on Windows 7. I plugged in an Ethernet cable to the computer but I couldn't connect to the internet. Troubleshooting states that "Local Area Connection does not have valid IP Configuration". I have tried restarting my computer, turning the router on...
  3. JeffDixon83

    New VLAN on Notrel 5520 - Not accepting default IP/Route

    (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS) I am in need of suggestions or tricks, on how i accomplished something in the past that i cannot replicate now. I have a CORE Stack of network that has a downlink of fiber to a 2nd stack of The stack, houses the...
  4. A

    Ethernet doesn't have valid up configuration problem

    Hi everyone, I'm having a problem in my computer at the moment where it won't connect to the internet. I've been using two of those Ethernet plugs since I've had my desktop computer to give it the best speed possible but recently it's decided it no longer wants to connect to the internet. When...
  5. bikashorigin

    Need more hosts for one network

    hi. i have my ip as and all the ip are assigned & using. i need around 500 hosts ip to create. so how can i break it and where where do i need to configure for new IP. like conf need to change in modem or in system only . how and where i need to configure so that i can...
  6. G

    Ethernet connected but can't connect to the internet?

    Hi all, Basically my internet will not work. I've had my desktop and Ethernet for a good few years now and it has always worked fine for me but over the last two days, the desktop has begun to stop recognising the Ethernet. It constantly says Limited connection and when I click on it, it calls...