1. esourceparts

    IPad Audio and Charging

    Can we use both the headphone jack and Charging jack at the same time on the iPad?
  2. G

    IPad not charging

    Hi, I have an Apple iPad 2 (I think that's the version) or maybe 3, and I've followed tutorials online to reset it, but it's still not resetting after many tries, and I also tried getting lent out, but none of the methods are working. It shows a low battery sign on the screen, but it's...
  3. Ami27

    IPad Air 1st generation

    Hi, I was just wondering if using my chrome cast and with a good Wi-Fi speed etc would I be able to use my TV like a screen and also will such an old iPad Air be comparable with to have a stand alone Bluetooth keyboard (with track pad) and or mouse? Any recommendations on cheap ones? Thanks...
  4. P

    restrictions glitches rendering ipad useless

    my parents have qustodio on my ipad 4, IOS 11.3.4. I don't know why, perhaps it was some setting i changed, most of my apps, including the app store, are not on my ipad, when i logged on this morning(It has time limits, when you can use it, etc.). I am using my school computer to type this. how...
  5. rumi

    Download on ipad becomes greyed out file in Files

    Hi thanks in advance. Many times I try to download or save something on ipad and it ends up saving it to “Files” in ios. But when I try to open it, it just comes up grey with the name of the file and “Data” underneath the name. I can’t do anything with the file. What is happening ??
  6. D

    I broke my ipad charger block in 3 pieces how do i put back?

    My iPad white block charger came apart in 3 pieces. 1. the actual block that can be removed normally (the big one) with the USB hole (all intact) 2. the actual metal part with the plastic holder that can be plugged in the wall ) 3. this other piece that has brass on the inside and 2 holes that...
  7. S

    iPad won’t find WiFi only finds hotspot

    My iPad won’t find any WiFi at all. It’ll only connect to the 3G on my phone. I’ve reset the network settings, reset the entire iPad and I’ve tried being closer to the router etc. Nothing works!
  8. I

    Using tablet for Kiosk in store

    So, I've really been stumped with this. Currently in the store I work for, we have a registration (web-based app) Kiosk with iPads and we require that our customers take a picture of their ID. There has been a lot of confusion with the customers on how to do this/which camera to use (front or...
  9. K


    I made my icloud account a long time ago and it was made from a school email that doesnt exist anymore. Now I cant log into the account to take it off my ipad. Anyone know what to do?
  10. D

    Please help me break my Ipad mini forever

    Hi, i would like my pristine iPad mini 1st gen to be broken forever and never able to turn on again. I would result to smashing it up but i don't want the hardware to be affected as its due to go on display. Juts the software. I know this may seem odd but i promise its for a good cause. Thank...
  11. D

    Help my break my IPad mini forever!!

    Hi, i would like my pristine iPad mini 1st gen to be broken forever and never able to turn on again. I would result to smashing it up but i don't want the hardware to be affected as its due to go on display. Juts the software. I know this may seem odd but i promise its for a good cause. Thank...
  12. F

    Ipad plays music randomly

    Thankfully, this doesn't happen all the time. However, my ipad plays music from my music library, I assume, randomly. There are NO apps open and I cannot get the music to stop without shutting the ipad off completely. Any ideas?
  13. M

    How can I share a VPN between an iPad and a smart tv

    Hi, I have just purchased a Samsung Smart TV. Living outside the UK, I would like to watch the BBC iPlayer. I have read it's possible to share a VPN, e.g. between an Ipad and the Smart TV. I have put the Smart TV on my Home network and I have the NordVPN app on my ipad (working well). Any advice...
  14. J

    Ipad shift-key issue

    I'm using an external keyboard for my ipad air 2 and everytime i press the shift key once, all the letters thereafter are typed in upper case. When i press and hold on to the shift key , the letters are typed in lower case. It seems to me that it is working in reverse. I have already already...
  15. A

    itunes songs won't stop

    I am singer/performer. I loaded orig backing tracks from a mixer/recorder onto my laptop, then to itunes, then to an Ipad 4. there are 18 tracks. Each one plays separately but won't stop after they play, they keep going onto the next one, etc. which I can't have happen live. I can punch...
  16. N

    iPad Air

    I bought an adonit jot dash stylus, and it's supposed to be compatible with my apple iPad Air, which currently has iOS 10, and work on virtually any app yet it won't write on my screen and I don't know what to do, I know the stylus is charged and turning on but it's like the iPad isn't sensing...
  17. S

    ICloud at my friends video - her mothers funeral

    My friend copied her videos and photos to the iCloud. Everything copied except an 8 month period of videos and of course her mothers funeral video was in that time period. Anyone know why this may have happened and how to get to the lost videos without going to a professional for retrieval? No...
  18. N

    Dual boot android

    Please i need help. Please someone help me i need help to dual boot either androd 5.0 or above on my ipad
  19. N


    My iPad says that it is registered in a domain, and i need to reset it because i bought it on amazon. So i dont want the domain to track it and come find me because some how it is registered in a domain and it needs a pin passcode and i dont know what to do cause they are probably looking for...
  20. A

    Cannot connect to internet with my son's devices

    My son's ipad2, and all in one desk top cannot connect to the internet no matter what I do. It says that it's connected, but no internet available. I have other devices that connect and browse just fine..it's only his stuff. I should add that they connect and work perfectly everywhere else but...