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    Ip address

    I am working from home and stuck outside the U.S due to COVID-19. I would like to continue to work until I go back to the states but I need a U.S address. Thus far vpn/vpn router has not worked. What other option do I have? Can I duplicate my Home Ip address in the state and configure it to my...
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    Cannot connect to game servers!

    So I was playing online games fine until someone sent me a link saying that it was their discord. Like an idiot, I clicked on it without much thought. It turned out to be an IP Logger and now I am unable to connect to certain game servers. I've heard that someone with my IP address can't even...
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    Own IP Address banned?

    Was trying to block unwanted networks to my router and have somehow blocked the entire router? No device in the house works and can't find a way to undo this in Router settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.