1. T

    Invalid IP

    Hi all, been along time since I posted on here, hope your all well and keeping safe. Ok, so I recently upgraded my internet speed from standard ADSL to Fibre ADSL. My router is a Netgear N600 Dual band ADSL2+ modem Router old but still good. My ISP sent me there fibre router not sure what it...
  2. N

    No Internet Connection

    I have no internet connection my Windows 10 desktop PC and it's not due to my router. It's connected via Ethernet and has been tested on someone else's network and has the same problem. Here's some symptoms: Windows Network Diagnostics tell me my "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration...
  3. S

    Solved PC suddenly unable to find wifi networks

    Hi, I'm hoping someone may kindly be able to help with this. I have two PCs (both windows 10). The one I am now using is connected to the modem by cable. The other - too far from the modem to use a cable - connects through wifi. At least it used to! It has suddenly stopped. If I look...
  4. B

    Not Your Typical Web Pages Stop Loading Problem

    heyas guys! so after a while of happy web surfing (er, i mean work!), suddenly, web pages will not load. also, my winamp stops playing its stream, and dropbox shows a red X indicating it can't establish a secure connection. however, my instantbird messenger and irc client continues to...
  5. Cmoor

    Limited/No Internet Connection

    Hello, my issues seems to be a little bit of everything revolving one issue. Main thing, no internet connectivity in Windows 10. I had just bought a new Wi-Fi PCI card to replace another one. Main reason I wanted a new one was because of the antenna length. Hoping for better connectivity. Go...
  6. Nunni

    IPCONFIG shows nothing

    Help, when I open up CMD and try IPCONFIG it does absolutely nothing. In the picture is all it does. None of the IP commands will do anything. Was trying to peek at my stats on there to see why my internet was being stupid. What needs to happen to fix this? Running 8.1
  7. F

    Internet Issues - please help!

    I have been having lots of issues with connecting to my internet suddenly as of late. I have one of three things occurring. 1) I intermittently have internet but continuously get ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED 2) Constantly stuck on Identifying Error: DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET 3) Unidentified network...