iphone 6

  1. M

    Iphone 6 BRICKED

    OK so recently I took it upon myself to replace the screen on the I-phone 6 due to the fact I cracked. When I was watching the video on how to replace. I did everything correct, When connecting the new screen it showed and all of it was working but the video said to turn it off after it showed...
  2. N

    Iphone 6 dropped in toilet

    I dropped my Iphone in the toilet and the screen startet to flicker. After a few seconds the phone turned off. I put the phone into rice and waited a few days. When I tried to turn the phone on the screen kept beeing black but the phone was on. I know that because it vibratet when I used the...
  3. L

    iPhone 6 touch screen not responding

    I recently dropped my iPhone and the touch screen has stopped working. I can see my notifications on my screen but can't slide or enter my passcode or my fingerprint to open it. Will I have to replace the screen or replace the phone?
  4. lockermade

    Solved Help: Choosing between 2 used Iphone 6

    Both my parents are buying Iphone 7, I have to choose 1 USED Iphone 6 of one of them. What should I check before choosing (like hardware conditions, camera, screen integrity, ...) What whould you recommend when "buying" a used phone. I will format both iphones, is there a way of knowing witch...
  5. S

    iTunes is updated wont connect to iPhone til updated

    I had no problem with my iPhone 5 I just got the 6. I updated iTunes but when I plug my phone in it says I need to update my iTunes. I am on a Mac 10.7.5.
  6. W

    iOS Apps Never Install on iPhone 6 S, only Through iTunes

    Already been with Apple "Support", answer always leads to "wipe your device". Very helpful! I've done everything else in the book from DNS changes in WIFI to Resetting all Settings and Logging out/Logging in iTunes App Store. Any thoughts? (They just sit there on Waiting...and do until...
  7. E

    iPhone 6 'storage almost full'

    Hi all - I'm getting the 'storage almost full' message on my 16 GB iPhone 6 iOS 9.03 regularly. I recently transferred almost all my photos to the Google photos apps and off my phone. The biggest storage hog is music, at 1.5 GB. The rest of my apps are 500 mb or less, maybe totaling 6 gb or...