iphone 6s

  1. Simplysavage00

    Help me I think my boyfriend is up to something

    What does this sign mean when they are typing ! I have never seen this one before ?
  2. S

    How to retrieve lost messages from a contact on Telegram?

    I don’t know if this is the right place for me to ask this question. I have looked at iKeyMonitor to recover missing messages and the username who I believe deleted his Telegram account, but I don’t want to jailbreak my phone, and there is a limit of how far back you can recover lost messages...
  3. J

    Lost Files transferring iphone to external hard drive

    Hello, I own an iphone 6s and Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive. I always transfer my photos/vids from iphone to my ext. drive I did NOT back up anything on icloud. Today I connected them both to my desktop per usual. I transferred Folder 135 (896 photos/vid) and Folder 136 (144 p/v)...
  4. M

    Iphone question

    I purchased iPhone 6s and wondering if it was possible to disable the phone asking to enter the password to the email account that was used from previous owner. Any help much appreciated
  5. C

    How do I verify if my phone is being monitored?

    Because I am apparently ridiculous and can't NOT write a novel .. for those who have little patience for people like me .. please feel free to skip down to the third paragraph. Believe me, I frustrate myself more than I frustrate others. I've been doing some extensive google searches and came...
  6. O

    iphone6s voice message problem

    My wife has an iphone6s with the message hold limit set at 30 days but the phone will not accept any more voice mails saying that her message box is filled. She is also getting a message saying that visual voice mail is not functioning at this time. Any thoughts?
  7. Kenshow

    How to spoof a MAC address on my iPhone?

    This could fit in the Apple IOS category but I’ve decided to put it in here. How can I spoof/change my MAC address on my iPhone 6s? I would really like to know. I have done my research and could not find any answers (researched for over an hour!). So I’ve decided to come here as a last resort...
  8. Baywader

    I'm from the disco era...

    I'm NOT from the future! And now days, in technology, "the future started last week". My 15 year old niece was "occupied" so I decided to find the same High Quality computer advice n line. So, I'm guessing either you began learning BASIC and FORTRAN in the womb, you are under 25, and...