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    Iphone 7 32GB versus Iphone 7 128GB

    Hello, I will be purchasing an iphone 7 soon and I am undecided whether to go for 32 GB one or 128GB one. I previously used a rental iphone xr. It was my first smartphone and really liked it but the older model iphone 7 is all I really need and it is cheaper. There is only a 3 dollar difference...
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    iphone 7 keeps restarting

    hi, my iPhone 7 keeps restarting itself every few minutes. i believe this is because i need to update to 13.4 as i tried every other possibility. the time between restarts is not long enough to perform the update. please help
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    Solved Appears iPhone Cannot Connect To The Internet

    I've encountered the same situation as metadebbie, none of my apps, like Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, etc. work and it's because there appears to be no Interest connection although the connection icon appears at the top of the phone screen. This happened yesterday and I had done nothing or...
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    Voicemail activation

    hi :) I recently got a replacement iPhone 7 and I have NO IDEA how to set up voice mail. When I try call it, an automated voice says “I’m sorry but you don’t seem to have voicemail activated on this device. If the problem persists please contact customer services and they...
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    SIM card reader malfunction?

    Recently got a new phone: an iphone 7. We bought it used, but typically there aren’t many issues with the phone when buying them used. Seemed fine for the first few days, but after about five days suddenly I started getting an “Invalid SIM” message, and later a “No SIM” message. We restarted the...
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    Solved Saving Text from IPhone to Laptop

    hello, Is anyone familiar with saving text messages from IPhone to the Mac laptop?
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    Update Problems

    Hello! Hoping someone will be able to shed some light on some update problems I’m having. I have a iPhone 7. I don’t have internet right now so I’m relying on data and the occasional connecting to my churches wi-fi. I have been having trouble with Instagram. I have not received the newest...
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    which phone should i get??wait for iphone 7??

    I am going to get a new phone but really confused what to get..I am using iphone 5s..I will use my phone for -listening to music (mainly) -for call -social media etc but i don't want big screen phones,,not more than 5 inch..I want to get one of these phones 1.Iphone 6s 2.ZTE axon (but screen...