1. Adel.2020

    IPhone randomly shutting off and on

    Hello, not sure where to put this but I really need help as soon as possible. My iPhone 6 suddenly started to randomly restart every 4-5 minutes. It has around 70% battery,but when it turns back on it says 1% and jumps back to 75-80%. The battery is quite new so I don't think there's a problem...
  2. B

    Wrong wifi password popped up when I put in the right one

    My wifi disconnect often and when I tried to reconnect it kept saying wrong password while im sure I put in the right one. I tried changing the password but it didnt work. I changed both 2.4G and 5Gs password. I also tried resetting my wifi settings in my iphone, tried airplane mode, etc. Tried...
  3. J

    iPhone 4s gmail troubles

    I'm trying to help my uncle out, he has forgotten his gmail password, when we try to reset, he can't remember the security questions as he made the gmail account 4 years ago and due to health problems his memory has deteriorated, I've done absolutely everything I can think of, including talking...