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    How to play Fortnite for iPhone on a terios t9 controller

    I don’t know how to use the controller to play Fortnite. The game hasn’t provided support for this particular controller but I want to know if there is a way around it
  2. T

    91% Alcohol Messed Up My IPhone

    A couple of days ago I dropped my phone in water for a second before I pulled it out and dried it off. I put the phone in rice and some Damp Rid. The Damp Rid completely dried it out and the phone was working perfectly fine until it died. I tried to plug in the charger and it wouldn't fit. I'm...
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    Iphone SE stuck in disabled mode

    I have a 64gig iphone se and I forgot the password. I got it stuck in disabled mode. I cant connect it to itunes because it is not connected to internet. How could i reset the data on it without a computer?
  4. techstuff

    YouTube won't work

    Yeah, this is my first thread so sorry if it sounds ******. Ok so im having this problem for a week now, btw I have an iPhone se. The problem is youtube wont work, it ses error while loading tap to retry, weirdly on safari and google chrome i still have the same problem. I tried on mobile...