1. ervinkkk

    WiFi issues : PC vs Phone

    Im from Malaysia the land with the worst internet service there is. Nonetheless I’ve went out of my way to pick up a dual band WiFi adapter ( TP-LINK ARCHER T2U ) for my PC recently. Before this I was on another adapter that doesn’t support 5G so I was running on 2.4hz all the while. I’m...
  2. Twitteruser

    Twitter app for iphone. Lost drafts

    I am using the Twitter app on my iphone. I had a number of drafts. Earlier today, Twitter told me that I had to change my password, which I did. I then found that my handle had disappeared from the app; two other handles I use were still there. So I re-added the handle, only to discover that all...
  3. J

    Iphone 11 or XS Max?

    So right now I am able to get an Iphone 11 or an Iphone XS Max for about the same price. Which should I go for? They're both in excellent condition.
  4. V

    Iphone to appletv only bass sound

    When i play anything directly from apple tv (netflix, hbo etc.) through the receiver The surround system works fine. When i try to play spotify, youtube or anything else from iphone through apple tv, only the subwoofer plays. I have tried resetting the receiver and unplugging everything.
  5. N


    I really want to recover all my photos and videos that were sent/ I sent through Snapchat. I’ve tried many downloads and I don’t want to pay for any programming. I have an iPhone XR. Can anyone help me
  6. R

    Emoji code txt problem

    I received a txt from a friend where all the emojis presented as code instead of their normal pictures? Ie FO=9F=98=85’ instead of the anxious smiley face emoji with forehead sweat. My phone is iPhone and hers is not. The txt before and after were normal. Why would this happen?
  7. 3

    Can’t open downloaded pics / videos

    Hi folks, I’m hoping someone here might be able to help! I recently downloaded photos and videos from my iPhone to 2 external hard drives to back them up. But I can’t open most of the files. Screenshot below of what the files look like. I downloaded the app my labtop is suggesting I need (see...
  8. A

    iphone xr speaker not working

    so my iphone xr was in water today so to make sure all the water is out i just sucked the to speaker and now it is not working so please help me will it get fixed with time or can i do something on my own
  9. A

    Iphone messagees dissapearing

    So I opened my phone this morning, and ALL my messages and notes were gone. Not deleted, just not there. I tried what the internet told me to do, turn it on and off, enter your email passwords again in settings, switch MMS and imessage off and on, ect. But no dice. The funny thing is that when I...
  10. M

    Iphone 6 BRICKED

    OK so recently I took it upon myself to replace the screen on the I-phone 6 due to the fact I cracked. When I was watching the video on how to replace. I did everything correct, When connecting the new screen it showed and all of it was working but the video said to turn it off after it showed...
  11. C

    Windows 10 can't connect to iphone ios 12.1 mobile hotspot

    Asus PCE-N15n Wireless Lan-E Driver: 2010.9.906.2013
  12. S

    Iphone keeps gettind dups

    I have a friend who has had 4 iphones and all eventually develop some contact dups. He says he is not syncing with Itunes. Anyone know what the problem is? And if dups can be mass deleted with a Windows PC thru Icloud without having to pic each one. He has over 1000 contacts.
  13. K

    SIM card reader malfunction?

    Recently got a new phone: an iphone 7. We bought it used, but typically there aren’t many issues with the phone when buying them used. Seemed fine for the first few days, but after about five days suddenly I started getting an “Invalid SIM” message, and later a “No SIM” message. We restarted the...
  14. C

    How do I Wipe my Disabled iPhone Without a Trusted Computer?

    So, I disabled my iPhone XS until it had the screen where it said iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes, ad I found out that, with much searching, I can wipe my iPhone, which would be the easiest way to recover everything because I had my old phone backed up onto another computer. But the issue...
  15. C

    iPhone 6s unable to connect to internet

    I'm currently staying at a hotel where the internet requires login details via the arubanetworks secure login. Every time I try to connect to the internet, a troubleshoot message pops up: "Web authentication is disabled. Please contact the administrator for assistance." No webpage is able to be...
  16. T

    Transfer iPhone game apps to Android phone

    I need to transfer 2 game apps from my old iPhone 6 to my new LG K20 plus Android to retain my progress on both games. They're both related, in order to earn points on the 1st game .. I downloaded the 2nd game through the 1st game app. I also have a laptop running Windows 7 and a 3rd phone...
  17. T

    We have traced the call & it’s coming from inside the house!

    Hello, I recently moved into a new home and set up a wireless network, which is incredibly important for me as I depend on the Internet for my livelihood. Unfortunately, I am a little suspicious of some of the other people on the network and lack the ability to deny anyone else access to the...
  18. B

    Storage for Youtube on iPhone6

    On a plane how can I listen to music using my iPhone without using the plane's wireless service? My songs are 250 YouTube links in Firefox bookmarks, on a PC workstation at home. Like to take these songs with me. Thanx.
  19. P

    move to ios

    so, im trying to transfer my phone data from my htc desire 530 to my new iphone 8 using the move to ios app. htc is using android 7.0, and i think the iphone is running on ios 10. however, i keep receiving the "unable to migrate" message. my htc doesnt have the option to turn off the smart...
  20. G

    Hacked laptop?

    The other day I was checking through my laptop history and found several websites that I never visited, most of them along the lines of the NSCC website (a Nashville community college I have never been to nor applied) and loan websites for that college that I never used. I did go to Belmont, a...