1. F

    iphones touch stop functioning

    Hello. i’m currently using an iphone 6s 128GB. and i’m having a really big problem with it. my problem is that only within 24 hours i have to reboot my phone(turn it off by holding home and power m) for 5,6 times!! and this happens everyday:( i cleared some space and deleted some apps but...
  2. S

    iPhone battery drainage

    Hi, I have an iphone 6 i charged it fully and without using it it drained 70 % in 7 hrs Why?
  3. 0

    which phone should i get??wait for iphone 7??

    I am going to get a new phone but really confused what to get..I am using iphone 5s..I will use my phone for -listening to music (mainly) -for call -social media etc but i don't want big screen phones,,not more than 5 inch..I want to get one of these phones 1.Iphone 6s 2.ZTE axon (but screen...
  4. nobodycares

    Can't restore iTunes backup to new 6S

    My wife just got a new 6S and I restored what she had on iCloud OK, but am having trouble restoring the iTunes backup I did from her old (not working or even accessible) 5S a week or so ago. iTunes (on her MacBook) keeps telling me I need a newer version of iTunes to link to the phone....... but...
  5. S

    iphone 6s not loading anything with wifi hotspot.

    Iphone is not loading anything with wifi hotspot but wifi hotspot shows that there is speed used by the phone(which I think is enough to open google in just a moment).What is this problem? How do I solve this?