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    iPod Touch Won't Charge / How to Retrieve Files

    My iPod either won't charge, or screen has died so I can't see that it's charged/charging. I suspect it's the former, possibly a dead charger port, or something worse and more internal. My questions are: a.) Is it possible to fix this type of problem WITHOUT losing my data/files on the iPod...
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    iPod iTunes problems

    My iPod touch has easily connected with iTunes before. Now I am unable to connec, I needt it. Any help is appreciated I need my music!
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    Ipod touch 2nd generation is stuck in recovery mode

    My Ipod Touch 2nd generation is stuck in recovery mode, with the itunes logo and a plug on the screen, and when i plug it into my computer, my computer makes the noise to say that it has been pluged in, but then when i open Itunes or go into windows explorer i cant find my ipod anywhere. Also...