ipv4 connectivity

  1. K

    ipv4 not working on macbook

    every ipv6 site is working perfectly, however ipv4 isn't working at all. i've tried so many things i've seen on the internet, like manually entering ip and dns and stuff (i dont know much about computers haha) but none of the advice works. i really need my computer to work asap, can anyone help?
  2. JimmyQuik

    IPv4 No internet access - have troubleshooted all the usual

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my internet connection. It's the not-uncommon 'IPv4 No internet access' but all the usual fixes aren't working. My computer is connecting with IPv6. A few points: Other devices connect with no problem to router. I can hotspot my iPhone internet to the...
  3. K

    Solved Wirelesss Adapters: "Media disconnected"

    Hello! I've run into an unfortunate problem. I was port forwarding earlier to create a server for an online game when my internet suddenly crashed and stopped working completely. The internet router itself is fine, for my phone and other computers in the household can connect to it. But now my...
  4. J

    IPv4 connectivity says "no internet access"

    Hey guys! Need help...my WiFi was working perfectly fine but once I installed a hotspot software....my internet only connects to Google websites. When I click the connection details it says IPv4 connectivity: no internet access IPv6 connectivity : internet (works fine) Like I can't log into...
  5. A


    Hi there, New to this Group and this resource. Hope someone can help. Switched on m PC this morning (Core2Duo HP) and all was fine, connected to WiFi connection fine. About 45 mins later pc froze, had to restart and woudnt boot up saying boot error. Tried 5 times before it did finally come on...