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    Wi-Fi connection extremely slow

    Hi all! I've just bought myself a new Acer Aspire A515-55 but I seem to be having some serious internet speed issues and need some help in trying to sort it out. When connected to my home wifi, on the new laptop I am hardly reaching 5mbps internet download speeds with an average of about 2mbps...
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    ipv4 not working on macbook

    every ipv6 site is working perfectly, however ipv4 isn't working at all. i've tried so many things i've seen on the internet, like manually entering ip and dns and stuff (i dont know much about computers haha) but none of the advice works. i really need my computer to work asap, can anyone help?
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    My wifi suddenly stopped working

    Acer windows 10 I went to the library yesterday and used their public wifi for some work. but when I came home to my wifi it connected butrefused to recognize any internet activity. All my other devices worked fine. I tried to go to wifi status properties to fix ipv4 ipv6 but each time I clicked...
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    Simulation Softwares for networking

    I am doing a networking project for MS degree here in Pakistan. I opted to use a network simulator for the project. But i have some concerns related to GNS 3 simulator, if it will deliver the required results. I have to simulate the performances of IPv4 and IPv6 with dynamic routing protocols...
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    IPv6 Connectivity - Connected to Wi-Fi Ipv4

    Dear All: I'm experiencing an IPv6 Connectivity problem on my Lenovo X1 running Windows 7 Professional. Kindly note that the the laptop indicates 1. No IPv4 Connectivity issues and 2. That I am connected to my WiFi. I have tried over a dozen solutions on the Internet (via my PDA) but...
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    Solved Phones work but pc and laptop don't

    Yesterday my laptop and pc (ethernet ) stopped being able to connect to the Internet but my android phone and iPad can. Crome's error message is DNS_PROBE_FINISED_NO_INTERNET and after running windows network diagnostics it says "ethernet" doesn't have a vaild IP configuration. But here is the...
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    So i used to have a ipv6 ip and then i wanted to use cyberghost vpn and for some reason it switched my ipv6 ip to my ipv4 ip so say my ipv6 was or something and my ipv4 was sgsgs.gsfa"gadgad.g ga or something. So i used the vpn and it switched the to so want to switch it back but...