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    Simulation Softwares for networking

    I am doing a networking project for MS degree here in Pakistan. I opted to use a network simulator for the project. But i have some concerns related to GNS 3 simulator, if it will deliver the required results. I have to simulate the performances of IPv4 and IPv6 with dynamic routing protocols...
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    Connected Secured Wifi, But it doesnt work

    Hello my name is Melissa and I am trying to figure out something before my trip in two days. I am using my back up wifi currently named 54. I want to use my other wifi (faster and cooler) 55. I cannot seem however able to connect to 55. The Ipv4 doesnt work, on 54, my ipv6 doesnt work but I am...
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    Hosting a domain with DS Lite and RPi

    Hello, I wanted to start a new project for myself to get familiar with networking, databases and so on. For that i wanted to get a domain and host it on my Raspberry Pi Zero. The problem is that my ISP only provides me with DS Lite. I would like to know if it's possible for my Pi to act as a...
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    Some websites load, some don't. Steam won't update games

    I've been doing quite a bit of research the last two days and have done all that I've read to do. I've been back and forth with Comcast and also called Arris (modem router combo). This modem/router was purchased within the last 8 months. The rep at Comcast said the modem is getting a signal...
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    Solved ipv4 & ipv6 both say "no internet access"

    I am using windows 7 on my laptop & connecting to the internet with a shared WiFi, through which I also connect my other computer (windows 8) & my smart TV - both of which are working properly through the WiFi connection My windows 7 computer WAS working through the WiFi earlier today but now...
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    Enterprise ISP Question

    Hi, I have been tasked currently with providing a solution to customers with optimising their networks with NAT and alternative solutions E.G IPv6. This is primarily aimed for residential flats that require a /26 to provide static IP's to every user as an example scenario. As I am sure you...
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    Connecting To A Server On Another Network

    I have an office setup. We have a few different networks that encompass our printers, workstations, server, etc. There is a server that has software that many of the computers in the office can connect to through their network. This was all done some time ago. However, I have one computer in...
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    Network 'doesn't have valid IP configuration'

    Hi, Ever since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been unable to get on to the internet. The computer is connected to the network but it won't allow internet access when all other devices in the house connect just fine. When I run Windows Network Diagnosis it detects the issue 'doesn't have...
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    Ipv4 no internet but ipv6 has internet

    I have absolutely no idea how to go on. AT&T has came out and resetted the router 8 times now, still no success. It would work for some time after reset, then goes back to not working. Please help!
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    Laptop cannot connect to network but other devices do

    Hello. Im having problems connecting my laptop (Win. 7) to my network. I am able to connect to my network with various different devices EXCEPT my laptop. There for I've concluded this is not a problem with my network itself. Its something to do with my laptop. I am able to "connect" to my...
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    Ipv4 doesnt connect but ipv6 does

    Ok guys, For starters I'm using windows 7. I've never experienced or heard of the problem I'm having right now and with extensive searching on the internet for a solution with no luck, I've come to ask you guys for assistance as a last resort so please help me out here. About a week ago I've...