irql not less or equal

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    I'm back . . .got my Harddrive issue fixed, and now this is happening. I've been getting BSOD errors for a while but it's become so frequent my desktop is essentially useless for my purposes. The two errors that are always the cause are the ones in the title: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and...
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    AMD driver update 18.7.1 causing blue screen during gaming?

    Hi everyone, I just recently got the Gamer Ultra CyberPowerPC pre-built (I wanted to build, but I'm not selling my last kidney)(also I know I'm super dumb for getting this at BestBuy, but I needed something cheap to keep me sane) and of course I'm having driver issues. I just play Tera and...
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    BSOD whenever I use NVIDIA graphics

    My laptop is msi GT 70 2PC (Windows 8.1). It's been two years and never had any issue like this. This problem began yesterday when I was playing League of Legends, and suddenly it froze and my pc crashed showing an error. After that, I've tried multiple things such as: -Uninstall Nvidia driver...
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    Dell laptop blue screen of death.

    I have a cheap dell laptop inspiron 15 3531 with windows 10 installed. Last night I got repeated blue screens, there was at least three or four different ones. The two that I managed to write down were; bad system config info and IRQL not less or equal. It said it needed to restart but every...