1. willplay1a

    "System Recovery Options" Does not open

    Hello! I have an older Dell Alienware 17x running windows 7 from factory. It runs "ok", but it's getting very slow, and 900GB is full even after I removed all of my files, so software files are totally bogging it down. Long story short, I've decided I'd like to do a factory reset and start...
  2. wstdtmflms

    DVD Flick/IMGBurn Issue

    I've been using the standard DVD Flick/IMGBurn method to author and create DVDs for a few weeks now, almost always MPEG-4 files to DVD+DL discs. Up until last week, it was working flawlessly. However, when I came back from the weekend, things started going awry. I authored a DVD of roughly a 90...
  3. D

    Error installing windows 8.1 on old VAIO laptop

    Hi, Recently I have been trying to fix a five-year-old sony vaio laptop of mine. As it was not booting correctly, I loaded up DBAN on a usb and stuck it in. DBAN did its job but i think it may have done it too well as it seems to have removed the vaio UEFI however im not sure. I installed an...
  4. S

    Loading Windows 10 on new SSD

    I recently got a 120gb ssd with a sector size of 4k to run windows and a few games. Currently I am using a 1TB HDD with a sector size of 512. When I try to clone from the HDD I cannot because it says the sector sizes are not the same. I then tried the windows ISO boot using a USB. Once I get...
  5. T

    IMGBurn/IsoBurn not recognizing DVD

    Have down loaded 2 iso programs and neither one is seeing the DVD with a CD in it. I see the DVD on the computer system side but can't seem to get either program to bring it into the destination area. Any ideas or suggestion. I have both IMGBurn and ISOBurn.
  6. A

    Cheapest option for 20TB+ of local storage space?

    From being about 15 until a few years ago I use to buy multiple DVDs every week (damn you HMV and Virgin 5 for £20!) Before my son was born we moved house and the room I made my office has this full length storage space running behind the wall so I decided instead of having shelves full of DVDs...
  7. M

    Error installing Windows 10 via USB flash drive

    I recently purchased an SSD for my PC and then I additionally purchased a USB flash drive of which I then put the Windows 10 ISO on. I then picked a boot option that was for USBs and then I saw a loading screen that I would typically see if I were to boot my PC regularly. I should note that I...
  8. B

    Solved Monitor does not receive signals.

    Hi guys, I'm not too much of a tech savvy so I won't understand everything but I'd like to thank everyone in advance for any support I can get. Recently the PC that I built on mostly second hand components is failing to send signals to my monitor. Everything had been working perfectly for the...
  9. D

    Where do i download IBM System Director

    Hi, I found the download locations on the ibm site but they are all dead links I found the agent but you can't do anything without the console So i need an .iso image for windows x64, x86, linux x86, x64 (if it exists) of version 6.3.5 or 6.3.7...
  10. O

    [Win. 10] Can't log into computer after Safe Mode

    Hello there! I'm having some horrible difficulties with Windows 10 recently, and now I can't even use my computer because of it. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get regarding this issue! The problem: - I was originally trying to fix another Windows 10 issue I was having on my PC (my...