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    New Help

    About Three Hours Ago I Downloaded A Game On My Windows 10 Laptop. Ever Time I Played The Game My Front Camera Would Always Turn On Automatically By Itself. Then When I Scanned My PC It Said No Threats Were Found. But When I Did A Custom File Scan Of The Game A Notification Came Up And Said IT...
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    AIrfiber using cisco networking and what application used.

    Anybody knows how does an Airfiber connection uses cisco routers and what application used to configure it? And how to do with Wide Area Network. Thanks in advance
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    How to fix glitching app?

    Hello! I wanted to ask, as an IT person, how would you fix a glitching application if you were the one who made the app? Thanks!
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    tech support for small buisness

    Hey Guys, So I am the non-technical co-founder in a tech start-up. My co-founder, who is a full stack developer, and his hired help are coding the site in completion and is able to handle any problem they hit building by working with their current network. When we launch, I want to have a...
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    Two Routers 1 Network IT

    Hi how do you get two routers on the same network, without the routers conflicting.