java installer

  1. Fluffeehh

    Java not working properley

    I've installed Java and the control panel is there, but when I try to download .jar files on my computer it doesnt say .executable file at the end and shows a paper icon instead of a Java logo which is supposed to happen. I have tried opening it with Java SE and a black square suddenly pops up...
  2. Kamzzzi

    Java runtime environment not installing

    says it all in the title, but whenever i run the installer, it does nothing. i click on the icon and nothing happens. i cant install it. I troubleshooted it and it says its not compatible, any advice?
  3. kamzz

    Java incompatible software

    i really need java to play minecraft, but the installer just wont open! I ran a troubleshoot on the program and it showed me that it was incompatible. This happened with a few other softwares too, they just wouldnt open to install. Im on windows 10 pro and ive tried all of the java versions.
  4. J

    Solved Java installer doens't start

    Dear all, I'm trying to reinstall Java by clicking the .exe file, windows asks me if i'll allow the program to install but when i click yes nothing happens.. When i try it again I get a pop up mensioning that the program is already running and when I look in my task manager it is indeed...
  5. P

    Can't install Java!

    Hey guys, I am in urgent need of help. I was using an outdated version of Java and thought I should update, which I indeed tried to do. The installer was downloaded but could not be opened. I can see it running in task manager but it wouldn't physically open and be visible on my toolbar (showing...