1. Q

    Unable to play any java games / use java in any way

    First off, apologies if this is the wrong forum as I couldn't find a suitable one Recently I've been able to play java games then all of a sudden it stopped working I've googled how to fix it and it just keeps coming up to uninstall and reinstall which I have tried I've checked my computer...
  2. mohittomar13

    Solved How to include javaFX in Eclipse on Ubuntu 18.04

    I have ubuntu 18.04 installed on my laptop and trying to find out the way to include javaFx in my project. How can I do that? I'm using Eclipse verion 2019 and javafx 11 is already installed on my system Thanks in advance
  3. M

    Problem with mods

    so I have had my pc for a while now and I used to be able to run and play mods for Minecraft on my computer (i ran them thru the twitch app, now I'm using the technic launcher). But now whenever I try to run them it never lets me. I think it has something to do with ram or java but I'm not...
  4. C

    How to prevent javascriptvoid(0); so I can open pages?

    I have recently signed up to be a search engine evaluator through Appen and am having a difficulty I don't know how to solve. Every time I click on one of the ads, no matter what link it is in the ad, I get a javascriptvoid(0); error and nothing will open for me. I have tried uninstalling...
  5. RecklessTV

    Solved Java not opening .jar files

    So far I've tried many methods to try to get this to work but so far they have all failed, my current issue is that i have a .jar file i would like to open, but every time I select "open with" java SE doesn't appear. So because that doesn't show up, if I double click the file, WinRar opens it. I...
  6. L

    New APK files taking over android apps

    I have a never ending data theft issue. Right after factory reset two HTML codes appear in my file folder. Soon after all my apps begin working together to cache and steal all my photos and files. No virus scanner even sees it. I extract and they rebuild. I have traced it to Total Controller...
  7. A

    Needing help in regards to JAVA

    Hey everyone newbie here. I recently (and foolishly) was going through various files and accidentally changed how i open JAR files (.jar) on my laptop. I've tried re-downloading The "Java Runtime Environment" program but that didn't help. All i really need help with is to reset how i open my JAR...
  8. S

    Solved Java Applet Too Large - Can't Minimize

    Thank you for the time. Even if it can't be solved, I still do appreciate the time and the effort regardless. My IT people couldn't resolve this. I use Oracle through my job here, and it launches an application in Java. Currently, when the applet launches it is huge, zoomed-in, and I cannot...
  9. K

    I need to know the java injection for hidden characters

    I know there is java or SQL injection code where we can get hidden characters. Example. Before we logging to any website with our username and password we type the username and password in the relevant filed then before click logging or submit we type the java or SQS injection in to web address...
  10. R

    java for firefox

    How do i get java for firefox to work or where do i get a plugin?
  11. R

    Safari not opening Java Jar files

    I somewhat recently updated my macOS to high sierra and I am now not able to open Java Jar files. I get the following message: "Clientname.jar" cannot be opened because Safari is not allowed to open Java JAR files. I get the same message when I try Google Chrome also. I have reinstalled Java...
  12. V

    Java is not found as a default program to run .jar files

    So i have been trying to start a minecraft server on my computer just for me to build and create stuff with plugins and maybe put it online in the future. For some reason i am not able to associate .jar files with java like there is no option for it. I have downloaded the latest java to run it...
  13. S

    Java installer doesn't launch on Windows 10

    My cousin wants to play Minecraft (ever heard of that game?), but I can't launch the installer. It asks for the administrators perms, but then dissapears. Please help!
  14. K

    Java Error CMD : Could not find or load main class

    Recently ive had this problem that when i download something for my game - which i know is secure and has worked before i reset my computer, and have java and all of that up to date and recommended. Its a .jar file and when i drag it to my desktop and open it it says Error: Could not find or...
  15. R

    Cant see text on explorer

    I've done some changes for fps boost in games and accidentally remove some files in this case the problem is actually java (i remove it by mistake) all errors is pointed to java and i cant restore my pc to last safe point or restart it its maybe the new windows 10 update or removing some 3d...
  16. Holidayy

    Java/Server Hosting issues

    So for starters i'm not a pro with a computer, But ive been hosting servers for many different games over the years. But last week im pretty sure I ruined everything messing with my java( just blinding listening to other fourms). Its not just a server log error that can simply be traced. I need...
  17. earthian

    Why does POGO hate the Mac?

    I love playing bridge on Pogo. The problem is that i cannot play it on my 27" Mac and it is quite frustrating. There have been some queries on a similar subject here, but either they are old or the World has moved on.....and created more difficulties for the Mac, as far as Pogo is concerned...
  18. E

    CAPTCHA won't show up in any browser

    Hi, So I noticed that my computer doesn't show Captcha at all in any site. I tried with multiple browsers. I also tried turning off my firewall and trying and it didn't work. I don't have any antivirus installed. I'm at a loss here, don't know what else to try.
  19. Microgeophagus

    Java-based program stalls over wifi

    Dear all My wife is using a secure program called epen ( that requires specifically: Internet Explorer 11 and Java. Everything is fine using an ethernet cable. However, over the wifi connection, the program crashes, locks, freezes or at best is un-usably slow, and there is...
  20. G

    Unable to access JarFile

    i'm trying to launch minecraft but it keeps coming up with the same error "Unable to access Jarfile" - Java virtual machine launcher