1. perihelio

    Connecting second TV to one Dish Network Hopper

    I have a small TV in my garage workshop that will be used so infrequently that it would not pay to have a cable box installed out there. However I'd like the opportuning to have it on once in a while and I'd like it run it off my Hopper cable box in my home office. I was told by the DISH...
  2. perihelio

    Solved Can W/10 be convinced to NOT replicate photos by itself?

    I have a periodic issue when I'm working with photos where the system automatically makes additional copies of the photos by itself. Each time it does it it adds an underscore and three zeroes (_000) to the file name. I have so many copies of some photos that there are 15 to 18 zeroes There...
  3. perihelio

    Solved Driver Not Found

    Hi, I'm trying to install my Canon MF232W printer to a new PC. I can find thousands of printer drivers but mine is AWOL. Canon website is belly-up right now. Does anyone know of a source?
  4. perihelio

    Solved Video Cam Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking to record live (piano) music with something with a good resolution and a decent microphone. Not looking for professional quality cost-wise but do require good quality. If anyone would have any thoughts or recommendations they'd be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. perihelio

    Solved Hear but No See

    Hello, A few days ago I began to not see anything in the way of videos...you tubes...my vids...etc. Audio on them is fine but I get a blank screen with no graphics. Memory issue? Covid-19? Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  6. perihelio

    Solved Iphone 6S Anomaly

    I use an iPhone 6s and also a PC with Windows 10. Up until a few days ago, if I had taken any photos with my phone-camera when I attached the iPhone to the PC USB I would be prompted as to what action I wanted taken with the photos. Suddenly, when I plug in the photo I get a dropdown that...
  7. perihelio

    Solved .MP4 playback issue

    On my PC running Windows 10 my ability to run .mp4 files has been diminished. When I play an .mp4 I get audio but no video. I suspect a codec issue. Is there a way to determine that and if so a safe site to get what I need to repair. Thanks.
  8. perihelio

    Solved iPhone Music app suggetions...

    Hi to all, I've downloaded several music files onto my iPhone 6s and am looking for a simple app to play them through my ear buds. The iTunes app on the phone is not "clean enough." If an app exists where I can see a clean list of my music (much like I see on my PC's file explorer) with a...
  9. perihelio

    Solved Music Files transfer from PC to iPhone

    Hi- I'm trying to move some songs from my PC to my iPhone 6s through iTunes and only my phone shows up in the iTunes sidebar...not my PC where I can navigate to the music files. After a couple hours fiddling with possible solutions I'm reaching out for a solution. Thanks.
  10. perihelio

    Solved iCloud files show on iPhone 6S but no longer on PC

    I have iCloud for Windows on my PC and up until a week or so ago all files showed on both my iPhone 6s and on my PC. Now they have mysteriously disappeared from my PC. Would appreciated guidance on how to get them to reappear on the PC. Thx.
  11. perihelio

    Solved Which printer?

    Is there truly an all-in-one printer on the market that is stingy on toner? When I go into a store I see all the promo materials which claim high-yield on toner yet I've found this to be hype and BS. I only need a basic A-I-O printer, no bells and whistles needed here since during the average...
  12. perihelio

    Solved File Explorer Issue

    For an unknown reason, my Pictures folder has decided to rename itself "Downloads." Right clicking it does not give an option to re-name it back to what it should be. Does someone have a fix? Thanks.
  13. perihelio

    Solved Missing Restore Points

    W10 is not retaining any restore points. For example, I created one yesterday and it, or no others, are there today. In the config, 'System Protection' is turned on. There 11 GB reserved with zero bytes used with no points there. Anyone??
  14. perihelio

    Solved Massive Windows 10 Update

    About a week ago I was given an option to do a Windows 10 update. "It said" that it was take time. I opted to do it...it took about three hours...and now I'm having issues. Is there a way to revert back to my old build? For whatever reason my system has not saved any restore points--and I...
  15. perihelio

    Solved Windows Live Mail is no longer alive for me...

    Issue with Windows Live Mail 2012. Running Windows 10. Have used this for years with no issues but now am having problems sending and receiving email. When I send, the email goes into the outbox and stays there. Periodically I'm asked for a password for the RR email server. When entered I...
  16. perihelio

    Solved Windows 10 Desktop Shortcuts/Icons

    Hello- I held off on the Windows 10 upgrade until the very last minute but finally did it. Now I'm not sure. It's been important to me to be able to freely move desktop icons around my monitor and now they won't move. (I do use Fences but I don't think that matters). Is there any fix for...
  17. perihelio

    Solved Looking for Windows Live Mail Expert....

    Hey- I hate it when all of a sudden some setting gets changed and I don't know how to get back to where I was. I am an "archiving person" by DNA and pretty much save all incoming emails from people I know and all email that I send. My system [Windows Live Mail with outlook.com email] is set to...