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    Stripe checkout and jquery integration. Help ASAP PLEASE!!!

    Whoever does help thank you in advance, as there are dead ends to skill here and there. I have an html jquery shopping cart with a the payment checkout for paypal, i just want to change the paypal button and checkout to Stripe card or bitcoin. If you can simply help me with this, it would be a...
  2. A

    User Management System

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for something I need for my startup. I have a payroll business and am wanting to expand to include online payroll features for my website. I use WYSIWYG Web Builder to create and edit my website. I have no coding experience so I need either a 3rd party software or...
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    Capture device details from web url/web page

    Is there is any way to capture device information like device model, operating system, phone number etc. from a web url/web page, using any of the following languages: PHP, JS, JQuery, Ajax