kali linux

  1. G

    About VirtualBox

    Quick question; I've downloaded VirtualBox and I'm currently running Kali Linux on it. Also I have 20gb of ram on my laptop. Is it overkill (or it's ok) to provide 4gb of ram (or 5gb) to VirtualBox?
  2. lucifer.489

    Transfer usb live persistence linux to SSD partition

    Dear tech-support: I am a windows user but also i use kali linux in usb with live persistence. But since my usb is not having enough storage i want to install that same usb linux on my computer SSD partition with all other persistent data without getting lost. Please help me in this.
  3. PMrocks

    Unable to merge unallocated space to D: disk

    I was trying to make dual boot of kali linux with windows 10. So I created a 50GB partition for that and did the dual boot successfully. but after few months I removed Kali Linux and formatted the 50GB partition and made it as unallocated space. Now I'm trying to merge that 50GB space with main...
  4. Kakarlasaikrishna

    Dual boot settings with kali linux in windows 7

    I installed kali linux in my pc by the process of dual boot..At final moment due to power interruption complete installation spoiled.now i can't access my windows any more.please help me...its windows 7 32bit...
  5. F

    Kali Linux iso not properly flashing to Pen Drive

    Hi, I have downloaded Kali Linux Installer 64bit iso (amd64) from official website yesterday. I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit OS. Today I tried to burn iso to flash drive several times but after burning completes, My flash drive shows red capacity line (means nearly full) and "10 kbytes out of...
  6. H

    Kali Linux Live with Persistence Not Booting on MacBook Air

    When a try to boot kali live (single boot) from a USB it works. However, when I try to boot kali live with persistence it gives a series of ACPI errors and then stops booting kali, booting into Mac Catalina instead. (photo of errors I see when I try to boot kali live from usb with persistence...
  7. NoBrainYoungDumb

    Brother installed Kali Linux. How to get back to Windows?

    So, my stupid brother installed this thing call “Kali Linux” and I have no idea what that is. Whenever I open my computer now it’s not opening the window it’s opening the kali Linux thing and I have no idea how to fix this . Please help. Thank you
  8. I

    Kali Linux Blank Screen error

    I am trying to install Kali Linux on my Virtualbox version 6.0 but I cannot seem to install it. Everytime I try to go on 'Graphical Install' or 'Install' or any other settings it comes up with blank screen. I am currently using Windows 10 OS. can someone help with the installation please.
  9. A

    kali linux. .

    What is kalli linux. and how to opreate. . . .
  10. T

    Solved Can not resolve DNSs

    I am running Kali Linux x64 in a VM on Windows 7 Ultimate. I can not go to websites and when I ping them it says: "Name or service not found" When I ping the IP of sites it's fine and when i ping it works fine. However Kali Linux seems to be having a hard time resolving the DNS of...
  11. T

    Can't Boot Windows After Removing & Reallocating Linux Part.

    Hi, I was extremely interested in the idea of a Linux OS, and after debating it for a while decided to instal Linux on my laptop alongside Windows 10. I had it set up so that Linux would boot first, and if I wanted to use Windows I could simply select it from the boot manager. I'm currently...
  12. J

    Kali Linux issue

    I was dual booting kali on my windows 10 laptop from a USB but it was going through lines of code for around 20 minutes and than my computer randomly shut off and won’t turn back on. Specs 32gb ram Nvidia msi gtx 960m I7 6700hq Msi gp 72 6qf leopard pro laptop
  13. J

    Locked out of admin account for Kali linux and Ubuntu os.

    I got a computer given to me with those two operating systems on it. However I am locked out of the admin account to make any changes and I want to uninstall those os` and put windows 7 back on it. I used a boot disk through the USB port and thought I had gotten somewhere . Deleted the volume...
  14. V

    Need help with port forwarding!! Plzz

    Okay so.. I have a BSNL broadband that is configured as dhcp (I haven't purchased a static ip yet) . I was told that port forwarding through a dhcp isnt possible at all and I need to buy a static ip. but I really really really want to port forward , tcp/udp. I have a dlink modemn with 2730u...