1. frankie17

    Solved Switching from Norton to Kaspersky...please help!

    Hello, i honestly need honesty answers. I been using Norton Security for years and seems ok. But i was watching some videos on YouTube about Kaspersky having better results than Norton. Is worth switching from Norton to Kaspersky? and why? :)
  2. R

    New Something is causing havoc.

    I hope this is the correct area of the forum to post this if not please either move it or tell me where I should post it. Sorry if this is a bit long and complicated but I am trying to give as much info as I can in the hope someone will spot the solution. For years I have used Kaspersky without...
  3. mechapotato

    In Progress Trojan Virus in folder roaming (update.jf3)

    Hello! I have a serious problem with trojan virus hidden in Roaming folder. When the computer is started, I get a notification for allowing Update.jf3 to run. I always click no and when I try to find this file, it doesn't exist. Recently I installed Kaspersky security and it didn't find...
  4. C

    New Virus can't be removed

    I have last tried to download a game, but it appeared that it was a virus. So I removed it with Kaspersky security, and I shut down my laptop because I was finished. But the next day Kaspersky warned for a virus again, and it was the same one. The weird thing is, that it's on the F drive, while...
  5. O


    My boss' computer TOSHIBA Satellite L40-A suddenly cannot connect to the internet anymore after he installed Kaspersky Internet Security (multi-device). Because of this, he uninstalled the Antivirus but still cannot connect to the internet. on Command Prompt, typing ipconfig /all will only...