kernel power event 41

  1. M

    Daily Blue Screens Kernel-power event 41

    Hello All! I have been having a problem with my PC for a bit of time and it now starting to really annoy me. So during my day i use my pc for work and for playing games. out of the blue i will get a blue screen (pardon the pun) its normally one of a few, i have attached one of the most recent...
  2. Z

    Kernel Power

    Hi! I have a problem with pc rebooting unexpectedly everytime I stop doing something that needs a lot of resources. For example everytime I play something (e.g. Rainbow Six Siege, F12018, GTA V) the game runs smoothly with no problem, but when I return to the games menu or when the round ends...
  3. D

    Restart or Freeze at Shutdown Screen

    Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for any answers. When I shutdown my computer (Windows 10 Pro) sometimes I receive the normal shutdown screen and the PC shuts down no problem. But the majority of the time, the computer either freezes (Mouse stops and the spinning dots in the middle stop) and I...
  4. hardwire12

    How do I fix these problems?

    So, I've been having this problem for ages where my computer freezes - sometimes it makes a noise as it happens,sometimes it doesn't. If I ever try to put the computer to "sleep," it sort off tries to, but then just switches off. It also remains at 100% disk usage upon start-up, for quite some...