kernel power

  1. T

    Laptop Constant Unexpected Shut-Down (During Intensive-Use)

    Hi All, For the last year or so, whenever I am undergoing GPU heavy tasks my laptop has been unexpectedly shutting down. I am an architect working remotely and run GPU intensive software for real-time rendering and 3D modelling. When my laptop shuts-down, it's an instant shut-down to a black...
  2. M

    Daily Blue Screens Kernel-power event 41

    Hello All! I have been having a problem with my PC for a bit of time and it now starting to really annoy me. So during my day i use my pc for work and for playing games. out of the blue i will get a blue screen (pardon the pun) its normally one of a few, i have attached one of the most recent...
  3. Z

    Kernel Power

    Hi! I have a problem with pc rebooting unexpectedly everytime I stop doing something that needs a lot of resources. For example everytime I play something (e.g. Rainbow Six Siege, F12018, GTA V) the game runs smoothly with no problem, but when I return to the games menu or when the round ends...
  4. M

    Computer crashing Kernel PnP and DCOM

    Hi everyone, I recently rebuilt my computer and prior to doing this i had no issues, but now, whilst running my computer will freeze and black screen and then proceed to restart in around the space of a minute. It also sometimes boots incorrectly. I had a look through Event Viewer and one...
  5. hardwire12

    How do I fix these problems?

    So, I've been having this problem for ages where my computer freezes - sometimes it makes a noise as it happens,sometimes it doesn't. If I ever try to put the computer to "sleep," it sort off tries to, but then just switches off. It also remains at 100% disk usage upon start-up, for quite some...