1. Z

    Kernel Power

    Hi! I have a problem with pc rebooting unexpectedly everytime I stop doing something that needs a lot of resources. For example everytime I play something (e.g. Rainbow Six Siege, F12018, GTA V) the game runs smoothly with no problem, but when I return to the games menu or when the round ends...
  2. J


    Hello! I am at wits end here with my computer and at this point would just upgrade to a new CPU/Mobo and PSU. I have been having blue screens for over a year and my i5 was overclocked to 4.2ghz for 3 years so maybe thats why its all wrong. My computer will not make it to the windows screen if I...
  3. R

    Blue Screen of Death

    I keep on getting the Blue Screen of Death,but it's not that regular.Sometimes after 10 mins,and other times after 2 hrs of usage,but It always happens if I try to shut down or restart the PC. I have used Dump file Viewer to find that the ntoskrnl.exe is causing it,how do I fix that?Apparently...
  4. S

    PC BSOD or Apps slow to load then hanging

    My PC is very slow to load Windows 10 or I get error messages Kernel Data Inpage Error or Driver Power State Failure and Parameter has exceeded its normal operating range. Apps load according to Task Manager but often don't show and when they do, they regularly hang. Dell Inspiron 3847 Service...
  5. RavenJe

    Computer restarts randomly when playing games!

    Hi guys! My problem is pretty simple to explain but impossible for me to solve... i'm starting to be really frustrete. Basically, while i'm playing a games, as Elder Scrolls Online or Fifa 17, randomly my computer deicide to restart it self... In the event viewer that's what i found: I'm not...
  6. Davedadude

    Lagging in game. .not network related.

    When im playing starcraft 2 it lags. and sometimes the graphics driver crashes and resets(although it doesnt leave game) saying something like: "kernel mode driver has stopped responding and has recovered issue". I have reinstalled nvidia geforce experience and the graphics driver twice. Ive...
  7. 6

    D/l SpeedMod Froyo [K13C HPCall VoodooSnd4 SharpnessFix STAB

    Evening All: I'm TRYING to D/l this kernel: SpeedMod Froyo [KC13A-T1][K12U HPCall VoodooSnd4 SharpnessFix STABLE]. If anyone knows where I could get this, would you please provide a "link". (except for XDA) Thank You: Rick