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    Pause/Play key not working?

    I currently own a Surface pro Gen 5, I used to play music on Spotify and have Google Chrome up at the same time as I studied, but I ran into a problem, when ever I have my YouTube open on Chrome (from watching previous videos) and I press the Pause/Play button on my keyboard (F3) it would play...
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    Unable to bind backslash in League of Legends and Warframe.

    I'm using a Corsair Vengence K70 (CH-9000050-UK) and running Windows 10. When trying to set the backslash key as a keybinding in League of Legends or Warframe nothing happens. It is not previously bound to another action and the game continues to wait for me to input another key. This is a UK...
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    Shift + Caps Lock Not Working

    In most of my games a have a keybind set to CAPS, this is a problem because usually I have sprint set to Shift, and while I'm holding shift, the action I have Caps set to will not work. It will work when I am not holding shift though, so I'm wondering If I can find a way to fix this issue, thanks.
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    Solved Control + 1,2,3 not working

    Hello. I'm experiencing issues with my keyboard! Only yesterday, I could switch between my different tabs in my browser, and assign Control + 1, 2 or 3 in any games I played. Now, it is as if those three specific combinations just don't go through. My keyboard is a Razer Blackwidow Chroma My...