keyboard and mouse

  1. E

    Keyboard and Mouse Not Working On Startup

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody is able to help me with this problem. I have a Windows 10 computer and my welcome screen is stuck with the time and date displayed, but that's it. Also, my keyboard and mouse isn't working (I've tried different mouse and keyboard, but it doesn't work) during...
  2. J

    USB ports not working after reset

    Hi. I have the Inspiron 560(from around 2012). Yesterday I accidentally uninstalled a graphics driver I didn’t want to so I used a restore point I made 5 days prior. After the system restore, the graphics driver still didn’t function when I tried to play a game. So I did a system reset. I wiped...
  3. S

    Keyboard and Mouse doesn’t work on Windows 10

    Hello, i just woke up and couldn't use my Mouse and my Keyboard anymore. They work fine on other systems but not on my pc. If i launch safemode they work perfectly. I restarted my pc often and tried a system restoration but it didnt work. I unplugged the USB too but im locked in my startup...
  4. TaLofa000

    Keyboard and mouse malfunction. Is it virus?

    Hi there, I m using USB keyboard and mouse. My numbers keys on top of keyboard only type symbols. The number pad does not work. Alphabet keys only type in Capitals. That is when CAP LOCK is off. Pressing shift keys doesn't help. My Mouse left click double-clicks everything. Mouse scrolling...
  5. DakBai

    Problems w/ keyboard and mouse after factory reset

    Hi, I'm having problems with my Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR (model #: 80WG) running Windows 10 x64 with 2gb RAM. After factory resetting it, I can't use the setup because my touchpad and keyboard won't work (plugging in mouse/keyboard doesn't work either). I think this is due to...
  6. AbruptWord7619

    Mouse and keyboard keep disconnecting

    Ok so I have only started having this problem since like 2-3 days ago and it started when my little brother broke my mouse and then I had to replace it with a mouse that looks older. The problem is that every couple of minutes I have to move the USB ports which my keyboard and mouse are plugged...
  7. User7

    My Hardware spontaneously died on me

    Basically on my windows 10 PC I played a game and after I was finished I turned off the computer. As I turned on the computer it was running, I didn't pull out any cables and did not even use the keyboard or mouse before. The first bad sign was the no signal sogn on the monitor that worked at...
  8. Ami27

    IPad Air 1st generation

    Hi, I was just wondering if using my chrome cast and with a good Wi-Fi speed etc would I be able to use my TV like a screen and also will such an old iPad Air be comparable with to have a stand alone Bluetooth keyboard (with track pad) and or mouse? Any recommendations on cheap ones? Thanks...
  9. D

    Keyboard and mouse don't work after factory reset

    I did a factory reset on my dell pc and now the keyboard and mouse won't work. Help!
  10. K

    Keyboard Not Detected

    I have a Lenovo L340 computer, I was working on an assignment today when the keyboard spontaneously stopped working. I tried restarting my computer and when it booted back up a black screen with the words “keyboard not detected” popped up. I tried looking through some settings, the driver...
  11. S

    Sharing One Mouse and Keyboard Between two PC's

    Hello, Not very tech savvy here. However, I know of a few ways this could possibly be set up with hardware and software, just covering a bases to not be flagged by my employer since handling sensitive information the the majority of my job description. I have two computers on a rather small...